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A Taste of Hefang Street 2018-10-10
For foodies, Hefang Street in Hangzhou is a dream come true and dining in any one of its time-honored brands is too tasty for words but for a bite-size look into seven of these, then keep on reading…

Yangtang (Mutton Soup) Restaurant

Yangtang Restaurant - Hefang Street

The fresh mutton Shumai (a type of traditional Chinese dumpling, originated from Hohhot, Inner Mongolia) is worth the wait. With a thin crust, rich filling and tender sauce, it melts in the mouth but tastes even better when matched with a haggis soup. Considering customers different taste buds, the restaurant provides a variety of spices on every table.

Address: No.64 Zhongshan Middle Road, Hangzhou City (the corner of Hefang Street)
Telephone: +86 571 8702 7346
Average Price: 34 RMB

Dingsheng Cake Shop

Dingsheng Cake Shop - Hefang Street

It costs only 3 RMB to enjoy a Dingsheng Cake. Made fresh with japonica rice and glutinous rice flour, it tastes soft and sweet but it is not sticky. With red rice powder covering the surface and sweetened bean paste in the heart, it’s a colorful tasty treat.

Address: No.236 Hefang Street, Hangzhou City (near Wushan Square)
Average price: 3 RMB

Baoshan (Stir-fried Eel) Noodle Restaurant

Baoshan Noodle Restaurant - Hefang Street

Stir-fried Eel Noodle Restaurant is a one-hundred-year old brand in Hangzhou famous for its stir-fried eel noodle and shrimp yellow croaker noodle. Fried from hot oil, the eel tastes crispy on the outside but tender within, which explains its popularity. Besides the eel noodle, you will also be bowled over by the shrimp yellow croaker noodle with its two yellow croakers and shrimp meat.

Address: No.91 Hefang Street, Hangzhou City (near Zhongshan Middle Road)
Telephone: +86 571 87027346
Average price: 25 RMB

Jingdu Wu Dalang Sesame Seed Cake

Jingdu Wu Dalang Sesame Seed Cake - Hefang Street

Wu Dalang is a major character in the classic Chinese novel The Plum in the Golden Vase, and a minor character in the Water Margin, another classic. The shop owner, short like the character, has seen his sesame seed cakes appear on local television. There are two tastes of Wudalang Sesame Seed Cake: sweet or salty. The sweet one has sweet jujube paste and white sugar inside whilst the salty one contains preserved vegetables. It is suggested you try both as you will find it hard to choose one over the other.

Address: No.171 Hefang Street, Hangzhou City (near Wushan Square)

Huangfei (Imperial Concubine) Dragon Beard Candy

Dragon Beard Candy sells well in Hefang Street, despite its stickiness. Thousands of thin filaments neatly roll around a sesame filling. The procedure is not a secret but to be honest, it needs a long-time practice to stretch the dough-like mixture composed from rice flour into small, thin strands

Address: Hefang Street, Hangzhou City (near Wushan Square)
Telephone: +86 571 87522758
Average price: 10 RMB

Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant

Zhe Wei Guan
, a time-honored brand, keeps its antiquity and the staff, dressed in 1980s Chinese-style white suits, nimbly shuttle through the crowds. Of course, as an accustomed restaurant, it boasts many local delicacies, such as the steamed bun stuffed with three delicacies, braised lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice, roast goose, orecchiette, and noodles with preserved vegetables.

Address: No.1 Huangguang Road, Hangzhou City (on the first floor of Wushan Mall)

Wushan Square Snack Street

This little street is also a delicious alternative for foodies and has a variety of snacks with all kinds of tastes. Though a little expensive, the snacks are so popular that it is hard to find a free seat here.

Address: Wushan Square, Hefang Street, Hangzhou City (western Wushan Square)
Average price: 23 RMB
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