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Xixi – Unique and Peaceful Scenery 2018-11-16
There is a saying in China that says deep mountains don’t necessarily promise one a carefree life, while true secluded life is actually found in a bustling urban city where only the true hermit can achieve peace in his mind and heart. Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou, the only urban wetland in China, is that kind of place where people can achieve their peace. The place is like a true hermit, which locates itself in the prosperous downtown Hangzhou and is still able to give people the ability to achieve peace in their minds and hearts.

If you want something peaceful, then head to Xixi National Wetland Park where there are all kinds of entertainment facilities to free you from your fast-pace urban life.

Jiangcun Fair – Slow-Pace Life Block

Jiangcun Fair - Slow-Pace Life Block

Here, clocks seem to run slowly. The block is located in the corner of Xixi National Wetland Park and is accessible from the north entrance of Xixi by way of Fu Causeway.
With scenic Xixi as its backdrop, the block is home to a wealth of deliberately designed buildings, which are devoted to cafes, bars, teahouses, characteristic hotels and a variety of restaurants. These are the perfect complement to enjoying the slower pace of life.

Address: North entrance of Xixi National Wetland Park, Wen’er Road.
Transportation: take bus No. 83, 86 or 130 to the bus stop of North Entrance of Xixi National Wetland Park (xi xi shi di bei men: 西溪湿地北门)

Hezhu Street

Xixi – Hezhu Street

Hezhu Street is not far away from Jiangcun Slow-Pace Life Block and is a gathering place for Xixi’s traditional techniques, specialties and folk arts. The roadside stores are all distinct in character and there is also Hezhu Tower where one can ascend to witness a panoramic view of Xixi National Wetland Park. One can also stroll along the street, drink a cup of refreshing tea and enjoy operatic sounds, and in doing so will get a sense of Xixi’s unique culture.

Xixi 3D Fantasy Art Gallery

Xixi 3D Fantasy Art Gallery

The art gallery houses over 60 three-dimensional oil paintings by the most renowned painters in China. The gallery transforms ordinary oil paintings to three-dimensional ones, which is then further improved with modern technology and modern life elements to make them life-like. These three-dimensional paintings are not only pleasing to the eye, but are also realistic to the touch.

Address: Tourist Center at North Entrance of Xixi National Wetland Park, Wen’er West Road
Transportation: take bus No. 83, 86 or 130 to the bus stop of North Entrance of Xixi National Wetland Park (xi xi shi di bei men: 西溪湿地北门)
Ticket: 30 RMB per person for adults and 15 RMB per person for children between 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters

National Wetland Museum of China

National Wetland Museum of China is the only national wetland-themed park in China. The museum consists of four themed exhibition halls which are: prologue hall, hall of wetland and mankind, hall of wetlands in China and hall of Xixi. Through recreating typical wetland scenes and with the help of multimedia interactive and pictorial illustrations, the museum popularizes the knowledge of wetlands in a fun way.

Address: No. 402 Tianmushan Road
Transportation: South entrance of Zijinggang Road
Telephone: +86 571 88872933
Time: 09:00 – 16:30 (closed on Monday)
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