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Hangzhou’s Secluded Village 2018-10-23
Shen’ao, a secluded village in Hangzhou, is a name that refers to a deep underground river. Here the water system was formed before the residences and compared with Wuzhen and Xitang, Shen’ao has not been exposed as a tourist attraction which also accounts for its Anhui style architecture remaining intact.

Hangzhou Secluded Village - Shen'ao Village

The village was first established in the Southern Song Dynasty and taking a leisurely stroll here feels like you are traveling back in time. Without crowds, Shen’ao presents its visitors with quiet lanes, clear brooks and intricately embellished buildings where the autumn sunlight shines on the courtyard and a warm breeze gently stirs up a cloud of dust.

Most of the village’s youth go to the big cities to work so it’s the elderly who truly dominate the old town. Full of stories to tell their oldest memories are invisibly etched in the village’s ancient beams and gates.

What to Eat

The villagers in Shen’ao still maintain the habit of eating wheaten food of the north. Every morning, housewives cook wheaten dumplings for breakfast and you know this because the delicious smell of dough spreads all over town.

On New Year’s Day and other festivals, villagers will make fried dumplings. The most well-known are the rice dumplings, which are small round white savory treats, also known as dim sum. The dumplings’ wrappers are made of rice and the stuffing is filled with finely chopped vegetables. One bite of a rice dumpling and its delicate fragrance and tasty aroma will have you fixed for life. 

Where to Stay

The Barbizon Miller Vacation Resort locates at the side of Daqi Mountain National Forest Park which covers an area of 8,000 acres. It is a French style resort equipped with various kinds of recreation and entertainment facilities  such as a fruit forest, private reservoir, outdoor CS base, boating and bonfire camps. The resort can easily meet all your demands for recreation in nature and is the perfect place to rest your head after exploring Hangzhou’s secluded village.
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