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Spend a Weekend in One of Hangzhou’s Six Most Artistic B&Bs 2019-03-20
As a famous tourist destination, Hangzhou takes pride in being able to offer its visitors a wide range of accommodation. From luxurious hotels to stylish bed and breakfast venues the choices are endless but lately it's the B&Bs that have been gaining great popularity among the youngsters and not only for their reasonable prices but also for their artistic ambiance too.

Line Drawing Art Inn 杭州白描艺术酒店

Line Drawing Art Inn is located in Wai Tong Wu Art Town. Surrounded by tea fields, this hotel immerses itself in simplicity and oozes in natural charm. Founded by three artists, the hotel possesses a small gallery where a number of sculptures, oil paintings and other artistic pieces are exhibited.

Hangzhou Hotels - Line Drawing Art Inn

Address: No. 82 Tong Wu Village, Hangzhou Ring Highway

Yanduo Holiday Mountain Lodge 桐庐岩朵度假山宿

Yanduo Holiday Mountain Lodge, a four-storey villa surrounded by rolling hills, is where life is purified by the rural area’s natural austerity and the fresher than fresh air. Enjoying a cup of coffee grinded by the mountain lodge owner or relaxing to the melody of folk songs, either way this is a perfect place to be at one with nature.

Hangzhou Hotels - Yanduo Holiday Mountain Lodge

Address: No. 5 Wutou, Luci Village, Fuchunjiang Town, Tonglu County

Hefu Boutique Hostel 杭州和孚精舍

Hefu Boutique Hostel is situated near Wansong Academy and with its black and white walls it reflects a strong sense of Jiangnan style. The 16 spacious guest rooms are decorated like the wing rooms of a literary family. The wooden floors and furniture keep the scent of nature in the room and the neutral-colored bed linen, traditional stationary and exquisite tea sets casts a deep literary hue across the whole of the hostel.

Hangzhou Hotels - Hefu Boutique Hostel

Address: No. 94 Wansongling Road

Malt Inn 杭州麦芽庭艺术酒店

Hangzhou Malt Inn has an outdoor café and six guest rooms which are designed according to the life circle of wheat. From the decoration of the wall lights to the paintings on the wall, all are representative of the free and unstrained style of this B&B. The guest rooms are named after the solar terms, White Dew, Grain Full, Awakening of Insects, Grain in Ear, Grain Rain and the Autumnal Equinox.

Malt Inn

Address: No. 195 Baileqiao, Lingyin Branch Road

Nianhua Boutique Hostel 杭州拈花精舍

With a gurgling creek to the south and green tea fields to the north, the surroundings of Nianhua Boutique Hostel are set in natural tranquility. Inside the house one will find a host of interests such as books on Buddhism and travel. Guests from all over the world can spend a leisurely time here, savoring tea, reading or making new friends. The simplistic but sophisticated design of the rooms is conducive in setting your mind in peace and forgetting the troubles of the world.

Hangzhou Hotels - Nianhua Boutique Hostel

Address: No. 265 Baileqiao, Lingyin Branch Road

Mailang Themed B&B 杭州麦浪主题民宿

This is a French style house whose façade is decorated in vivid colors and covered in vines. In the season when flowers bloom a colorful road, reminiscent of an artist’s palette, will spread from the hills to the house. Each room of the house is named after a book like, Norwegian Wood, Walden and Border Town – every room has its own story. Crouching in the corner of the green sofa, listening to the owner telling the romance of Mailang, or spending a free afternoon alone, whatever you decide you can be sure of a pleasant time in Mailang.

Hangzhou Hotels - Mailang Themed B&B

Address: No. 188-1 Xiamanjuelong, Xihu District
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West Lake Tea, Manjuelong Osmanthus, … Best Things of Hangzhou2019-03-11
In Chinese culture, food is the paramount necessity of the people. They think food is not just about shutting down the hunger, but also a way of life. All words and images about food are welcome. Anything that is connected with food connects hearts and minds. For the love of delicious food, one may come all the way to a restaurant; for the love of delicious food, one may fall in love with a B&B... In Manjuelong, osmanthus flowers are the most eye-catching. Food in Manjuelong is mostly added with osmanthus flowers. In addition, B&B’s in Manjuelong combine their own characteristics, developed various delicious food. Let's find out!
Free Attraction Suitable for One Day Sightseeing2019-03-06
Here is a collection of free tourist attractions in Hangzhou that is suitable for one day sightseeing and enough for you to enjoy a wild day throughout the year!
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