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Follow the Canal-Side Footpath to Culture 2018-10-30
“Chenyun Greenway” – a Canal-side footpath in Gongshu District, Hangzhou has now been completed and this week, Gongshu Street will send out its warm invitation welcoming you all to enjoy a stroll along its neighboring Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.

Beijiang-Hangzhou Grand Canal

Grand Canal

“Chenyun Greenway” is a 10-kilometer-long linear-shape green opening space that combines functions of cycling, strolling and resting. It strings together a host of historical relics and urban landscape parks such as the famous Qiaoxi Historic Block, Grand Canal Museum complex, Gaojia Garden and the Jiangshu Railway Relics Park.

Qiaoxi Historic Block
Qiaoxi Historic Block

The footpath is built based on the water culture of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, infusing history and natural scenery with community culture. To cater to the needs of different people, “Chenyun Greenway” footpath is divided into two sections with Lishui Road as the axis. The east section is a 6-kilometer-long loop suitable for those in good physical health and the west section, passing by Yunhe Tiandi, Gaojia Garden, and Qiaoxi Historic Block, is a 4-kilometer-long loop, suitable for those wanting something more leisurely. 

Gaojia Garden

Gaojia Garden

The greenway is designed by the Landscape Architectural Design Institute of China’s Academy of Art. With the adding of elements like greenway-themed walls, vegetation, landscape lamps, cobblestones and old-fashioned direction boards, the footpath is even more inviting. In addition, 600 thousand RMB has been invested into security monitoring facilities ensuring a safe and happy environment.
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