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Food Paradise – Cantonese Restaurants in Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Hangzhou is a culinary paradise with many of its restaurants serving a host of delicious dishes. Besides its local cuisine, Hangbangcai (Hangzhou Dishes), which is known for its fresh ingredients and light flavors there are a couple of other cuisines worth trying, one of which is Cantonese.

Cantonese Cuisine is probably the most famous Chinese cuisine among westerners and to taste any one of its dishes you don’t have to fly all the way to Guangdong, where the cuisine originates, instead you can find some highly rated Cantonese restaurants boasting authentic Cantonese dishes, here in the very heart of Hangzhou.


Ju Feng Yuan

Customers are always impressed by the luxurious decoration of Ju Feng Yuan. The shop front, covered floor-to-ceiling in glass, and its deluxe seafood advertisement both indicate the high-end position of this restaurant but to one’s surprise the prices of Hong Kong dim sum and Cantonese dishes at Ju Feng Yuan are quite wallet-friendly.

Ju Feng Yuan – Cantonese Restaurant in Hangzhou

Recommendations: shrimp dumplings and Cantonese-style soup

In judging a shrimp dumpling the main criteria lies in the transparency of the wrapper and the chewy texture of the shrimp filling. Biting into one of Ju Feng Yuan’s shrimp dumplings and you will easily be satisfied with the translucent wrapper and succulent thick shrimp meat and crispy bamboo shoot filling.

Cantonese-style soup is a famous delicacy. It usually takes, over a low heat, about five hours to stew and every day preparation work starts early in the morning. The delicate taste comes from cooking by heart. The duck soup with pine mushroom and Maca is clear and delicious, and with endless aftertaste it really is worth waiting five hours for.

Address: No. 176, Nanshan Road
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00


Autumn House

Edward, the owner of Autumn House, lived in Hong Kong for many years and has brought with him, in Autumn House, a simple but elegant Hong Kong style tea house. The decoration of Hong Kong street scenery on the entrance of the house brings the unique ambiance of Hong Kong. 

Autumn House – Cantonese Restaurant in Hangzhou

Recommendations: pineapple bread and coffee

Pineapple bread, originating from Hong Kong, is a type of sweet bread that with its golden color and uneven texture resembles a pineapple.  The secret of making pineapple bread lies in the contrasting temperatures of the hot wrappers enveloping the icy salt butter centers.  

The coffee used in Autumn House is Hong Kong style and the milk tea, with ice cubes, certainly leaves you thirsty for more. The meat sauce used in the spaghetti is made from beef and bacon with fresh tomatoes and corn and is both delicious and not too fatty. Chicken in Soya Sauce and Roast Duck are served with plum sauce and chopped onions. The roast duck needs to go through a series of complex processes to make the outer crispy and the inner meat fall off the tongue.

Address: No. 6-2-1, Qianjiang Xixi Xinzuo

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00


Zhou Huang Restaurant

Many diners of Zhou Huang Restaurant are attracted by its delicious shrimp dumplings. Zhou Huang Restaurant is one of the earliest Hong Kong tea-restaurants in Hangzhou and its dim sum are rich in variety and authentic to taste. Customers flow in even after the mealtime.

Recommendations: congee and shrimp dumplings

Congee is the signature dish of Zhou Huang Restaurant. Congees are served in bowls and stone pots and are finely cooked until becoming sticky and tasty. The shrimp dumplings are all translucent and wrapped in a big dumpling there are two or three juicy shrimps in each. One will find a fine feast of shrimp dumplings here.

Address: No. 118, Hushu South Road, 3 floor of Wenhui Manson
Opening Hours: 00:00 – 23:55
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