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Let Hangzhou Light up Your Night… 2018-10-30
After successfully hosting the G20 Summit, the city of Hangzhou has been the talk of the world and its many G20-related venues gained popularity, among which is Qianjiang New City, the hosting venue of B20. It, since the G20, has enlightened hundreds of thousands of people which continue to show with its spectacular light and musical show.

Qianjiang New City

According to the Qianjiang New City Administration Committee, starting from October 18 ’s light show will perform regularly every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at both 18:30 and 19:30. Projected for 10 kilometers along riverside buildings and by combining modern audio, light and electrical technologies with Hangzhou’s cultural elements and natural landscape, the show highlights the most vibrant aspects of Hanghzou city. If you are looking to light up your night then, besides Qianjiang New City light show, Hangzhou is home to many other illuminating shows.

Wulin Square Light Show

Wulin Square Light Show

Wulin Square is located in the central business district of Hangzhou which is also adjacent to Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall, West Lake Cultural Plaza and Intime Department Store (Wulin). After being enclosed behind high walls for three years Wulin Square is now open to the public again and this time brings with it the largest 3D Light Show in Asia and the locally-famous Eight Young Girls Musical Fountain, both of which make for a signature night view of Hangzhou. The 3D Light Show is performed every night at 20:00 and Eight Young Girls Musical Fountain is every night at 19:30 and 20:30.

West Lake Musical Fountain

West Lake Musical Fountain

The West Lake Musical Fountain has always been a must-visit for Hangzhou visitors and this is even more so now after its refurbishment. Since May of this year the musical fountain was finally back in our sights and has ever since amazed us all with its stunning new looks and spectacular sights and sounds. The West Lake Musical Fountain is performed every night at both 19:00 and 20:00.

Banks of Grand Canal

Grand Canal Light Show

Acting as a crucial transportation channel both in ancient times and today, and connecting southern China and northern China, the Grand Canal is both historically and culturally important. With its banks enhanced with colorful lamps, the Grand Canal at night appears even more mysterious and appealing than in the daytime. The landscape lamps are on from 19:10 to 21:00 on weekdays and 19:10 to 22:30 at weekends. There really is no better way to appreciate the Grand Canal than witnessing its night view from a boat.
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