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Impression West Lake 2018-10-11

Impression West Lake has been updated since 2017 and incorporated into the new version are 70 percent of elements from Hangzhou G20 Summit evening gala. For more information of the updated Impression West Lake, please visit Enduring Memories of Hangzhou.

The popular saying “above is paradise, below is Hangzhou” perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of the “heavenly city” — Hangzhou. Located in the subtropical zone with four distinct seasons, it’s endowed with a favorable climate, fertile land, rich resources, and outstanding talents. This beautiful, serene, and richly-endowed city boasts one of the world's famous scenic tourist resorts — West Lake which made it as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The best way to appreciate this city’s culture and history thoroughly in a short time is to watch one of its best shows. Impression West Lake is one of China’s Top Seven Shows. It features the local culture of Hangzhou and unique charm of West Lake. It is world famous for its dreamlike show and fantastic elegance. 


Impression West Lake is directed by Zhang Yimou (张艺谋), Wang Chaoge (王潮歌) and Fan Yue (樊跃). Zhang Yimou is one of the best movie directors in China and was the general director of the opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Impression West Lake is the third piece of the Impression series (the other two are Impression Liu Sanjie (印象刘三姐) and Impression Lijiang River(印象丽江)) also directed by them. It was initially shown in 2007 and remains enduring in its charm.

The venue of Impression West Lake is Yue Lake Scenic Area (岳湖景区). It stretches south to Zhaogong Causeway (赵公堤), north to Yue Lake Tower (岳湖楼), west to Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷) and east to Su Causeway (苏堤).




Impression West Lake vividly presents the history and culture of West Lake by exploring the folklore and myths of Hangzhou and highlighting the best of them, such as the Legend of White Snake (白蛇传) and Butterfly lovers (梁山伯与祝英台).


Besides being a mingled and charming show of Hangzhou culture and history, Impression West Lake also highlights the beautiful landscape of West Lake. Using hills as the stage background, the whole performance of Impression West Lake takes place on the water. Even more amazing is "the Rain of West Lake", which is recreated using high technology and brings out the natural charm of West Lake in the rain.


Impression West Lake is also a feast of music. The aesthetic background music of the performance was created by Kitaro Matsuri, a world-class musician. And the theme song is performed by Zhang Liangying (张靓颖), a popular Chinese singer with a heavenly voice. All these bring the audience into the dream like environment of romantic Hangzhou.


Impression West Lake

Name in Chinese: 印象西湖

Address: near Yuewang Monastery, No.29 Yanggong Causeway - 杨公堤29号(近岳王庙)

Tel: 86-571-85121120

Web: www.hzyxxh.com

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