The Hidden Secrets of Hangzhou’s Marathon
On November 4, 2018, tens of thousands of running enthusiasts gathered at “the most beautiful runway” to begin the much-anticipated marathon extravaganza. This year’s participants were limited to 35 thousand, but the number of applicants who wished to enter reached more than 100 thousand, which has established new records. Participants came from 48 countries and regions, which also included 30 invited athletes. MORE
  Appreciate the Beauty of a Canal Town
With pavilions, lanes, wetlands, lakes and greenways, Yuhang is a characteristic canal town in the south of the Yangtze River. The town has lots of well-known scenic spots which are blessed with splendid culture and magnificent landscape, such as Tangqi Ancient Town, Jingshan Lake, Jingshan Greenway and Chao Mountain Scenic District. MORE
  Chrysanthemum Vie with Each Other for Glamour
To celebrate the season of chrysanthemum, the flower that dominates autumn, the China’s 8th Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be in full bloom from November 3 to December 10 at King Qian’s Temple in the scenic area “Orioles singing in the willows”. MORE
  How to Satisfy Your Taste Buds in Hangzhou
As winter draws near, we begin to look for ways to combat the cold. The following food streets with their number of delicious snacks and dishes are bound to warm your mind body and soul. MORE
Tranquil Corners of a Bustling City

As the leaves begin to fall, Hangzhou city starts to increasingly get busy. To escape the hustle and bustle during this time, then why not find a tranquil spot hiding in many corners of this remarkable city.

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Step Back in Time along Hangzhou’s Ancient Paths

Now the heat of summer has faded, we can step back in time and witness Hangzhou’s ancient paths being covered in a carpet of autum leaves.

Route 1: Wansong Academy – Tiger Cave – Phoenix Mountain – Lunar Rocks – Qiyun Temple – Fantian Temple – mountain foot

Route 2: Meijiawu – Longjing Tea Production Base – Wuyun Mountain – Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi

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