How Beijiaqiao River is Making Waves…
Beijiaqiao River stretches along Raocheng Village in Sandun Town, Hangzhou City. Whereas the village is newly built, the river can be traced back to thousands of years ago. With a stone tablet carved with “Hangzhou Municipal Historical Heritage”, this old river has witnessed, over time, many transformations and is now beginning to make waves. MORE
  Autumn - Season of Harvest
Autumn is the season of harvest and the time to feast your senses on a variety of fruits. Apart from the familiar ones like persimmon, orange and Chinese chestnut, there are many other delicious and interesting fruits waiting, in bunches, to be picked and appreciated. MORE
  New Experiences of Intelligent Tourism in the West Lake
As one of the most popular scenic spots, it came as no surprise to see, during the National Holidays, the West Lake overflowing with millions of visitors. With so many people flocking to this famous tourist area, management teams strive to solve the problem of congestion, but with information technology the tourist services have improved a lot. MORE
  Bridges Spanning the Qiantang River…
When the Chinese people celebrate the 69-year-old birthday of New China, it will also be the 81st anniversary of the founding of the Qiantang River Bridge. This note-worthy bridge, as well as its many “offspring”, constitute a majestic bridge landscape and in doing so provide many conveniences to both locals and visitors. MORE
East or West, Qianjiang Tide is the Best

Qiantang River, known as the “mother river” by Hangzhou locals, has become a revered scenic spot since early ancient times and its tide, which is praised as “the most spectacular tide on earth”, attracts countless spectators. Now the Mid-autumn Festival is over, the Qiantang River tide has started to surge which is the best time to view such tidal scenery.

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