The Tenth Peony Flower Show
In the Tang Dynasty, the famous poet Bai Juyi used to be the prefectural governor of Hangzhou and as a northerner, he liked peonies very much. When he took office in Hangzhou, he bought several peony plants from near the Six Harmony Pagoda and planted them in his residence. Under his influence, the masses also began to plant them and from then on, peonies in Hangzhou began to flourish, and admiring the floral species became a big event in Hangzhou city. MORE
  The Most Symbolic Spring Outing of the Season
Currently, the weather is great, and the perfect timing for Longjing Green Tea, the golden name card of Hangzhou, to come into market. To experience the season’s highlights like sipping a cup of fresh green tea amidst mountains and waterscapes is perhaps one of the most symbolic things to do this spring. MORE
  Hangzhou for Architecture Enthusiasts
Hangzhou, a metropolis pursuing modernity, is known in both China and abroad for its wealth of historical and cultural charm. The city already has many high-quality architectural masterpieces which are set to mushroom in the next two years, making it a firm favorite with architecture enthusiasts. MORE
  Hangzhou Tourism Websites Group
On March 26, a ceremony featuring a presentation on Hangzhou Tourism Websites Overseas Data Monitoring and the German version of Hangzhou’s Tourism Website was held in Le Lotus, a function room in Hangzhou’s Chaptel Hotel. The ceremony, hosted by Hangzhou’s Tourism Commission and undertaken by China Absolute Tours Co., Ltd, was attended by the secretary and director of Hangzhou Tourism Commission, Zhang Hongbin, heads of related offices of Hangzhou Tourism Commission, representatives of travel agencies, foreign tourism enthusiasts and other honored guests. MORE
Teahouses to Sample the Taste of the Season

“Tea is the national drink of China and Hangzhou is the capital of tea.” which explains the roles of both the much-loved commodity and the city in terms of history and culture. Hangzhou, as the hometown of Xihu Longjing green tea and Jiu Qu Hong Mei red tea is widely known for its profound history and culture of tea.

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A Trip to Buddhism

Hangzhou Buddhism started from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, boomed in the Five Dynasties and prospered in the Southern Dynasty. Jingshan Temple, Lingyin, Jingci and Tianzhu Three Temples, in Hangzhou, all lead the rest of “Five Mountains and Ten Temples” of three branches of Buddhism. Now, more and more travelers appreciate the calmness brought by Buddhism. If you are one of them, then the following tour is for sure worth a visit.

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