“Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” Returns This Week
During the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, a landscape live-action performance entitled “Enduring Memories of Hangzhou” enlightened the world. Directed by Zhang Yimou, this most spectacular show is now getting ready to return when, on March 18, it will once again take center stage and dazzle you with all its glory. MORE
  The First Marathon of 2018 is Fast Approaching…
The best time of year to run a marathon in Hangzhou is fast approaching. This year’s marathon will take place on March 31st in Binjiang and there are two new highlights. The first one is the runway, flanked with cherry trees participants can now race in between one of springs finest floral species; the other highlight is that the teams that break the previous records will be awarded an additional bonus of 5000 CNY. MORE
  Hangzhou’s Lawns – Where the Grass is always Greener
After several days of snow, the sun has come out and, in doing so, has made Hangzhou an excellent place to enjoy winter. Here are several lawns for you to bask in the sun. MORE
  Spring - The Perfect Backdrop
Spring is a beautiful season and one that is filled with warm weather and blooming flowers. It is also the time of year for a photo or two and the following places, in Hangzhou, make the perfect backdrop… MORE
Venturing Off The Beaten Track…

Hangzhou is a popular tourist destination and one that is visited by every nationality, which also accounts for the fact that the city’s most famous tourist attractions are always packed with crowds, especially during the holidays. To experience Hangzhou, peacefully, then it’s advisable to venture off-the-beaten track, and here are eight places to get you started… MORE


Send Hangzhou to Your Friends…

In the last century, when phones were not universal, and people had to send letters and postcards, the post office was the main route to express concerns to people living afar. Now, with the fast development of all means of communication, post offices and postcards have started to fizzle out but what they have become is a great tool for tourists to memorize and reminisce the beautiful views they have met. Sending postcards printed with breath-taking views is also a perfect way to share the beautiful scenes with friends or relatives and here are several post offices with stunning scenes in Hangzhou that you would certainly not want to miss.


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