Experiencing the Beauty of the Polar Region…
Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean World, a national AAAA level scenic area, is a polar ocean park where you can see polar bears at close range, have intimate contact with the white whale, experience the thrill and excitement of “Dancing with Whales and Dolphins “, and watch amazing shows by adorable sea lions. Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park Phase II is going into full operation on February 9th and let's explore it. MORE
  Metro Line 4 -Keeping You on Track of the Highlights of Hangzhou
Just recently, the southern section of Hangzhou’s Metro Line 4 was put into trial operation. It is spacious and bright, and inside verdant landscapes are depicted throughout. Nanxing Bridge Station is the prettiest where the design elements are formed of leaf and vein prints of the Phoenix tree, even the seats are covered with ubiquitous landscape prints. MORE
  Breaking News! The Solar System Comes to Hangzhou
On January 20th, the great exhibition ‘Neighborhood Earth’ , which was co-developed by the US Space & Rocket Center and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Marshall Space Center, will be on view in Longhu Hangzhou Binjiang Tianjie, which is the second station in China after Shanghai. MORE
  Five Local Snacks to Warm You Up this Winter
In winter when the damp rainy weather permeates the air, Hangzhou can get extremely cold, but don’t fret as this city is home to some very nutritious snacks, and some of which can warm the coldest of hearts. MORE
Exploring the Grand Canal

If boating is the best way to explore the West Lake of Hangzhou, then taking a water bus should be the number one choice for getting to know the Grand Canal. Whether it’s by day or night, taking a water bus and gliding along the canal is like sailing through the canal’s past and future. MORE


Skiing Venues in Hangzhou

Finally, the wet and chilly weather has come to an end and the winter’s sun can be seen shining high above Hangzhou. However, for those who love snow, seeing temperatures gradually rise was not on their horizon… You will be excited to know that there really is no need to wait for the snow to fall as we have listed Hangzhou’s top 6 peripheral ski resorts, including both indoor and outdoor, so all you need to do now is grab your skis and go…

More about Skiing Venues in Hangzhou

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