2017 Hangzhou International Music Festival
Culture defines Hangzhou and it has always been a pivotal element of this much-loved city. At this post-G20 era, Hangzhou is accelerating its internationalization progress and the first Hangzhou International Music Festival to be held from June 26 to July 16 will become another grand cultural event and a bridge for Hangzhou to communicate with the world. MORE
  Two More 4A Level Scenic Areas
Hangzhou is widely known for its picturesque scenery comprising of verdant mountains and lucid waters and, just recently, two more of Hangzhou’s scenic areas have been ranked as provincial 4A level scenic areas*. These two locations are Stone Forest Scenic Area and Wenyuan Lion City in Qiandao Lake. MORE
  Hangzhou Lights the Way to Success…
No matter how you view Hangzhou at night, it will always provide you with an enlightening impression. By day, Hangzhou is always charming, natural, tranquil and gentle, but by night Hangzhou lights the way to success, and with such attractive views it has won the 2017 Lamp of Aladdin Award. MORE
  Something for Everyone
For those living or visiting Hangzhou, there is an abundance of beautiful scenery, a wealth of activities to explore as well as many delicious foods to savor. So, for those looking for an itinerary packed with activities for everyone, MORE
Best Things to Do at Night in Hangzhou

Hangzhou’s nightlife brightens the town with its vibrant lights, lively markets, boisterous bars and not forgetting its tantalizing food stalls that sell a variety of mouth-watering delights … To experience the ideal ‘Hangzhou night’ you should …

1. Experience the unique charm of Hangzhou’s scenic areas at night, which are usually teemed with tourists during the day;

2. Head to crowded night markets to enjoy the life of local citizens;

3. Enhance your taste buds by seeking every corner of Hangzhou for delicacies;

Today, follow my steps to unveil the charm of Hangzhou at night.

Night Exercise Night Bars Midnight Snacks

Enjoy a “Cool Summer" in Tuankou’s Cold Spring

As the weather gets hotter the visit to a hot spring, however, is becoming less cool. But with outside temperatures on the rise the only way to breeze through summer is by experiencing a cold spring, and in Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring Hotel, which is only around an hour’s drive away from Hangzhou, cold springs are all the rage.

Learn More about the Tuankou’s Cold Spring

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