This May a New Version of Impression West Lake Steps into the Spotlight
Last year on the real waters of the West Lake, and in the evening gala of Hangzhou G20 Summit, the performance “The most memorable is Hangzhou” amazed the world. It was a shame that after such a short period of performing in last October and November, the show paused. But now news is out that starting from May, the updated version of original Impression West Lake, “The most memorable is Hangzhou” will once again show its lakeside charm in becoming one of the most splendid performances on water. MORE
  50 Outdoor Leisure Activities in Hangzhou
Spring is here and so is the 2017 “Intoxicating Springtime” – Hangzhou Outdoor Leisure Season which, in the following three months, will provide the city with over 50 springtime outdoor experiences and tour itineraries. With six themes to choose from such as child-parent, flower viewing, games and sports, spring couldn’t be livelier. MORE
  Three More Wetlands are Listed!
Praised as “the kidneys of the Earth”, wetlands are both valuable natural resources and important ecosystems. Recently, the second list of Wetlands of Provincial Importance was announced and in total there are 48 among which three are in Hangzhou. MORE
  Hangzhou Listed World Charming City Top 200
Recently, WWRA and other associations have jointly selected 2016 World Charming City Top 200. The city of Hangzhou has been on the list! There are totally 52 American cities, 57 Asian cities, 63 European cities, 8 Oceanian cities, and 20 African cities on the list, among which the number of listed Chinese cities are only 28. The cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Macau, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Taipei, New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney and other cities are also on the list. MORE
Longjing Tea – The Greenest Pick

The annual time for picking Longjing green tea leaves, one of the top ten renowned teas of China, has begun in Hangzhou and everywhere tea farmers are now busy picking and hand frying the famous leaves. If you wanted to take a sneak peek at how the farmers meticulously pick their verdant leaves from bushes nestled in undulating hills, or if you wanted to sample, at first hand, this year’s Longjing variety, then head to the following three tea villages which are known for their tea, tea culture and tea-related tourist attractions.

Find Out More about Hangzhou Flowering Viewing Venues

Impressionism Exhibition Gets Set to Impress

Claude Monet, the pioneer of impressionism, was used to staring at the first beams of sunrise as it was here he composed the significant work “Sunrise, Impression” and found the art form, impressionism. His works have the power to position us instantly into a world filled with peace, gentle breeze, warm sunshine and fresh air.

More about Claude Monet Impressionism Exhibition
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