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Summer 2018-10-11
When summer hits Hangzhou many locals, to avoid the stifling heat, escape to nearby hills, caves and rivers. However, instead of fleeing the city why not take a look at Hangzhou’s hottest things to do this summer.

Cool Yourself with Lotus Flowers

It is in the summer that the city’s eye-catching lotus flowers come into full bloom around the West Lake. Their beauty has been praised by poets and painters during the past millennium and the best place in which to view them is at Quyuan Garden where you will also see the Nine Bent Bridge zigzagging its way along a sea of lotus blossom. The scene of green leaves and pinkish-red flowers set against a backdrop of verdant rolling hills evokes an ancient world adorned by Chinese ruling elites and scholars. This scene heralded  as Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷), , is one of the Top Ten Views of the West Lake. In such a poetic and picturesque environment you can capture many a moment and with the air saturated with aromatic fragrances romantic sensations will easily be triggered. Time your visit well either during the morning or at dawn to avoid crowds of tourists and of course the summer heat.

Shuangxi Bamboo Rafting (双溪漂流)

Introduction: Shuangxi River resembles an emerald ribbon dancing along dense bamboo forests. Featuring crystal-like waters, numerous rapids and a rich cultural legacy, Shuangxi Bamboo Rafting is famed as Jiangnan’s Number One Drifting Trail.

Fast and furiously you will ride through foamy water and plunging waterfalls. Most of the trip runs through a very narrow gorge with sheer rock walls clad in ferns and other native plants providing a truly stunning backdrop to this exciting tour. You will also sample tea culture, bamboo culture, water culture, agrarian culture and Buddhism culture during this adventure.

Xianrengu Drifting (仙人谷漂流)

Introduction: Starting from Xianbaikeng Reservoir this kayaking trail is the longest and most thrilling in Yuhang District. With a length of 3.6km this watercourse features mind-blowing 50m-high rapids and intoxicating scenery.

Join Summer Festivals

Festivals Time
Xiaoshan Festival of Red Bayberry in Dujia Village (萧山杜家杨梅节) June
Tangqi Loquat Festival (塘栖枇杷节) From late May to late June
West Lake Lotus Show (西湖荷花展) From June to July


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