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Hangzhou's Showtime 2019-06-10
On the afternoon of February 14, a press conference hosted by Hangzhou Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau was held at Hangzhou Xinqiao Hotel to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Hangzhou Travel Guide and the promotion campaign named “Hangzhou’s Showtime” in the Universal Studios Hollywood.

The year 2019 is the seventh year of Hangzhou's new media overseas marketing and opens a new chapter for the promotion of Hangzhou’s culture and tourism as a whole. From February 9 to 10, local time in the United States, Hangzhou Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau put on a grand culture and tourism show "Hangzhou’s Showtime" in the Universal Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles. Hangzhou is the first Chinese city that has ever done so.

“Hangzhou’s Showtime” “implanted” such elements as West Lake, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Liangzhu Ancient City which is currently applying for the UNESCO World Heritage Site into the Studio. 

“Hangzhou’s Showtime”, at the Central Square, the core part of the Universal Studios Hollywood, presented Hangzhou’s unique Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) atmosphere through using the theme of water to connect the shining points in the five thousand years of Chinese civilization, and enhancing it with the Spring Festival celebration elements of strong Chinese characteristics and Hangzhou classic love story - "Legend of the White Snake".
In accordance with the traditional customs of the Spring Festival, this campaign gave away special red packets (Red packets, also known as red envelopes, are gifts given away in red packets/envelopes on holidays and special occasions in China) and posters with Chinese characters "福 (pronunciation: fu; literal  meaning: fortune or good luck)" on in the park. Many visitors have received the red packets and were very pleased, and some of them even tried to write the Chinese character "福" with great interest.

The event also gave more vitality to the scene through interactive technology such as electronic activity guide, AR photoshoot and Facebook live broadcasting, which truly made the cultural heritage fun and provided the most unique "blooming experience" of Hangzhou.

Through the QR (Quick Response) code on the sign at the entrance of the park, tourists got the activity guide map of "Hangzhou’s Showtime". The simultaneous AR photo shooting function for Liangzhu Ancient City, the West Lake and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, had attracted many tourists to "visit Hangzhou" in the virtual world.

In the West Lake scene on the main street of the park, “Xu Xian” and “the White Snake” (two main characters from “Legend of the White Snake”) performed regularly the classic scene from the legend, “Meeting at the Broken Bridge” and were also available to have interactive photos taken with tourists.

Hangzhou Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau shared the information about the event through three major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and launched live broadcasting on Facebook, showing the grand event of "Hangzhou’s Show Time" to the global fans simultaneously.
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