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The Opening of the Flower Gardens 2018-11-16
 Hangzhou’s Longwu Flower Garden 

Hangzhou’s Longwu Flower Garden used to leave tourists with deep impressions of a green tea mountain but from this year, the newly-opened flower garden has taken a large area of 180 acres. Over a seven-month construction, Longwu Flower Garden has become the significant flower base for both scientific research and sightseeing. It is not only the first flower garden center in downtown, Hangzhou, but it is also the city’s most professional flower supermarket too.

It originates from the flower sea during G20 meeting
Do you still remember, one year ago, the beautiful sea of flowers that was cultivated in Longwu Tea Town for the G20 meeting but was not open to the public? Now, these flowers, which were hand- picked to decorate every corner of the meeting room, are now in full bloom and waiting for your appreciations.

More than five thousand kinds of plants
Besides the flower and bird market on Fengqi Road, the flower and bird market in the west of Hangzhou City and the flower and wood city in the Xiaoshan District, Longwu Flower Garden is also an excellent choice for floral purchases.

Stepping into the gate of the Hangzhou Longwu Flower Garden, three elegant pinus parvifloras first come into view. Then, go further and you will see two large greenhouses which occupy a large area of three thousand square meters. One of them has more than five thousand flora and horticultural products.

During the Golden Week Holiday, the tenth Floral Art Exhibition of Zhejiang was held here, which has fascinated various flower arrangement masters.

Four dreamlike themed flower gardens
There are four themed flower gardens, for instance, Rose Garden, Fragrance Garden, Water Flower Garden and Orchid Garden. Here, beautiful flowers are presented in all shapes and sizes, such as flower field landscapes, flower streams, flower borders and so on.

 Hangzhou Botanic Garden Rose Garden (Aquatic Plant Area) 

Here, rivers and streams crisscross, water plants densely grow, and with its unique terrain, a harmonious landscape painting is born. In spring, all sorts of roses are in full bloom, and in the summer, all kinds of water plants struggle to the surface for show. Thus, the garden is also named, Aquatic Plant Area.

The most leisure thing to do in autumn–bask on the lawn
Here, there is a large green lawn which covers an area of more than 15,000 sq. m. Through six months of careful cultivation the grass grows green and luxurious and makes you want to bask on it all day long.

Behind the lawn are the West Lake’s mountains and when autumn falls upon us, the mountains are stained with a golden yellow glow, contrasting the green lawn from a distance.

Autumn’s Amazonica
Besides peach blossom, cherry blossom, malus spectabilis, apricot blossom, plum blossom, photinia serrulata, spirea, rose, rosa banksiae, water plants are also worth visiting. Among the water plants, amazonica is a most special species.

The most active plant in the garden –hibiscus mutabilis
Hibiscus Mutabilis is forever changing. At first bloom, it is white or pale pink then, after some time, it turns a deep color, before finally turning purple crimson. The process of changing is so interesting that it resembles a face changing. Under the vivid description of a great poet, Wang Anshi, it has been compared to the drunk flower.

Nowadays, to provide visitors with a more comprehensive knowledge of plants, the garden has invited many professors to give talks. They will be at the entrance at 09:30 on the following ten days: 17th, 20th, 22nd, 30th of October, and 4th, 10th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th of November.
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