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A Green and Glorious Line… 2019-03-20

The first list of the most beautiful greenways in Zhejiang has just been released. There are only 20 greenways listed and Hangzhou’s Dajingshan Greenway, in Yuhang District, is one of them.

The greenway, with a length of 18km, starts from Wushan Park, Jingshan Town, Yuhang District, and continues to Luniao Town Shangougou Scenic Area. So many famous attractions can be seen along the way, including Qianhuali (One-thousand Miles) Flower Sea (千花里花海), Shanshuixian Park (山水见公园), Little Ancient City Site Exhibition Galley (小古城遗址展示馆), and the Tourist Center of Distribution (旅游集散中心).

To keep the natural environment along the Dajingshan Cycling Greenway, the plants here are cultivated according to their native conditions. That’s why the indigenous tree species, for instance, excoecaria sebiferas, gingkos, maples, cherry blossoms, rose mallows, and tea trees are in abundance. In addition, all kinds of ornamental plants such as irises are planted along the water’s edge beautifying the greenway as they stretch for miles.

The greenway, filled with Jiangnan rustic charm, seems neat for the 414 houses along the way. These houses are characterized by white walls, black tiles, bamboo fences and brick-and-stud works, and match the natural environment perfectly.

Every section of the greenway gives off a different air. From the Jingshan Export of the Hangzhou-Yangtze River Delta Highway to the Caoya Line, you naturally enter a poetic world of maple and romantic cherry blossom. It is also easy to transfer from the sea of flowers and bamboo to Buddhist heaven.

To maintain the original ecology, the security fences along the greenway give priority to woods, bamboos and at the same time the hemp ropes give a feeling of intimacy to the travelers. Besides that, the three-hundred-and-eighty-meter-long cycling plank road across the river is paved with bamboo, mixing well with nature.

At present, the greenway becomes the most popular itinerary of healthy cycling. So, don’t be green with envy instead get on your bike…

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