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Follow President Xi's Footsteps in A Tour of the G20 Summit 2019-06-10
Since the G20 summit a one-day tour of Hangzhou, featuring both the summit’s conference and evening gala venues, is becoming the talk of the town and now the venues have announced their opening hours, tens of thousands of visitors are preparing to follow in President Xi Jinping’s footsteps in a tour of the original G20 Summit.

Hangzhou International Expo Center

Address: No. 353 Benjin Avenue, Qianjiang Century City, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou
Opening hours: The G20 summit venue is open to the public from Sept. 25, 09:00 – 16:00
Admission: The ticket fees are 150 RMB per person, 120 RMB for visitors who book online and 100 RMB per person for groups.

What to Do

Taking approximately 40 minutes to tour the whole venue which, including three areas: the reception area, the main meeting venue and the luncheon area, is a great way to experience and see what the leaders of the 20 countries saw.

At first you will see the reception area which is situated on the second floor and where the G20 leaders, arriving by car, started their great summit. Welcoming you are six gates called "Moon Gate" and these lead you along a stretch of red carpet towards the large 1,440 sq m reception hall. Moving forward is the meeting hall which, at 15.6 meters high and 990 sq m, is where President Xi Jinping and the other G20 leaders and guests shook hands, exchanged greetings and posed for photos.

The main meeting room is on the fourth floor and with a total area of 2,000 sq m and a 45 meter long cubic space its construction concept was built on the theory “Round sky and square earth”. Throughout the room there are many woodcarvings entitled “Twenty Famous Scenic Spots in China” and the walls have strong ancient Chinese garden inspired designs which, in order to meet tight security, were all sound-absorbed. The highlight of this room is the 30 meters in diameter round table which was the global seat for all the G20 leaders.

The dining hall, a spherical building 60 meters in diameter, covers an area of 2,500 square meters and its center is decorated with an abundance of stars. The middle ring, made to enhance the natural light, brightens the interior space whilst the outer ring is decorated with five pairs of ink wash paintings.

After your tour, if you still have some time, it is recommended to pay a visit to the hanging garden on the fifth floor. The G20 pre-dinner reception was held here and it can be described as being the biggest, most picturesque and ecological-friendly garden in China. It is the perfect place for all kinds of receptions and parties, bookings of which can be taken now for events to be held after October 15.

“Most Memorable Is Hangzhou” Show

Address: No.29 Yanggong Causeway, Xihu District, Hangzhou

Opening hours: From October 1, twice a day 19:30 – 20:20; 21:00 – 21:50
Admission: The ticket fee starts at 350 RMB and only one ticket per person is available per day. Hangzhou citizens, by showing valid ID, can enjoy a 40% discount. Tickets can be purchased from 09:00 to 17:00 every day and tickets for the Nationa Day Holiday shows (October 1 to 6) are available to buy from September 28.

What to Do
The G20 Summit Evening Gala, first performed on September 4, is a symphony concert on water that magnificently illuminates scenes of the West Lake to spectacular music and dance. 

A new version of "Most Memorable is Hangzhou" will be staged from October 1 to 6 during the National Day Holiday. This version will include the symphony “A Moonlit Night on the Spring River”, the “Tea Leaves Picking Dance”, the love story “the Butterfly Lovers”, a Guqin performance of "Lofty Mountains and Flowing Water", the ballet "Swan Lake", a piano performance of "Moonlight" and the popular Chinese folk song “Jasmine Flower”. After October 7, the show will function as a regular show.
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