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Zhejiang Xizi Hotel Dazzles G20 Leaders 2018-11-16
The 2016 G20 Summit – the 11th meeting of the Group of Twenty was successfully held in Hangzhou from Sept. 4 to Sept. 5. The meeting, a significant moment in Chinese history, was the most important diplomatic event to have been held in China in fact it was the largest, most significant and highest-level international event to have ever been hosted by China.

The welcoming banquet arranged by Zhejiang Xizi Hotel on Sept. 4 played a significant role in adding color to the historically significant event and in doing so also showcased a multitude of China’s and Hangzhou’s charms.

The welcome banquet was themed on “West Lake Feast” where the place settings, diner-ware, gifts and dishes were all highlighted with West Lake elements such as “Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow”, “Lingering Snow on Broken Bridge”, “Three Pools Mirroring the Moon” and “Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake.” 

With its delicate Hangbang dishes (Hangzhou Cuisine) the welcoming banquet tantalized the taste buds of the leaders. The banquet consisted of five dishes and a soup which included Pine Mushroom Soup, Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish with Pine Nuts, Sitr-Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves, Orange-flavored Crab Meat, Hangzhou-Style Fillet Steak and Braised Vegetable. The chosen dishes flavored the moment perfectly and, given the many dietary restrictions, delicately displayed the best of Hangzhou’s finest cuisine.

Hangzhou has a wealth of top restaurants and hotels but it was Zhejiang Xizi Hotel that was chosen as the venue to host the banquet for three main reasons. Firstly, the hotel benefits a great deal from its location. Situated at the banks of the UNESCO World Heritage site – the West Lake, it is backed against Leifeng Pagoda and surrounded by water on three sides with a shoreline as long as 1560 meters. It is a unique treasure of Hangzhou city and the best place in which to receive international guests.

Secondly, Zhejiang Xizi Hotel has a time-honored history that goes back to 1927 when it was constructed by an Anhui businessman, surnamed Wang, to be used as his private villa, hence its original name, Wang’s Villa. With a time-honored history and profound culture the hotel is reputed as having one of the best gardens around West Lake and has received Chairman Mao Zedong for 27 times and has, on multiple occasions, received many important leaders both from China and abroad.

Lastly, Zhejiang Xizi Hotel has a dedicated team that is experienced in receiving honorable foreign guests of China.
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