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Exhibitions of the Week 2018-11-16
Since Chinese Valentines’ Day is drawing near now is the time to schmooze your loved one artistically and famed for its numerous exhibitions and arty hide-outs Hangzhou is the perfect place to do so.

Fire Worm Ecological Exhibition

Xixi, famed as one of the "Three Xi's of Hangzhou (a term used to refer to landmark sights in Hangzhou)" along with West Lake (Xihu) and Xiling Seal-Engravers' Society, is a great location that should be on everyone's to-do list. The beauty of Xixi lies in its primitiveness set in a great ecological environment which is also the breeding ground for fire worms, known as the indicator of a good ecological environment and for bringing a magical night to many.

Inside the Xixi National Wetland Park ecological tents have been put up to create an ecological zone where people can watch fire worms flying in the sky and illuminating the dark summer nights.

Hours: From 17:30 to 21:00 until late August
Venue: Xixi National Wetland Park
Ticket: 40 RMB / person for adults; 30 RMB / person for children under the height of 1.5 m, students and the elderly aged 60 and over.

European Glass Art Exhibition

The exhibition displays 211 pieces from the treasured collections of the Prague National Arts and Crafts Museum of Czech Republic. The glass works include masterpieces of every important period from schools of artists in ancient times and medieval times to today's modern times. Zhejiang Provincial Museum is the first stop on its very first exhibition tour of China.

Hours: Now until Oct. 9
Venue: The underground exhibition hall of Zhejiang Provincial Museum – Wulin Branch
Ticket: Free

Lacquer Art from the Ming and Yuan

Zhejiang is the cradle of Chinese lacquer technique. The lacquer arch unearthed from the 8000-year-old Kuahuqiao Culture and the red lacquer wood bowl discovered from the 7000-year-old Hemudu Culture are both evidence in indicating that as early as the Neolithic Age the ancestors of the Zhejiang people were already sophisticated in applying natural Chinese lacquer. During the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, and Yuan Dynasty, the lacquer ware of Zhejiang was ranked first in China and Hangzhou was its main production area. This exhibition displays 90 pieces /sets of historical and cultural heritages and showcases the sophisticated lacquer technique from the Song Dynasty until now.

Hours: From 09:00 to 17:00 till Sept. 6
Venue: Zhejiang Provincial Museum – Gushan Branch
Ticket: Free
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Chrysanthemum Vie with Each Other for Glamour2018-11-16
To celebrate the season of chrysanthemum, the flower that dominates autumn, the China’s 8th Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be in full bloom from November 3 to December 10 at King Qian’s Temple in the scenic area “Orioles singing in the willows”.
How to Satisfy Your Taste Buds in Hangzhou2018-11-16
As winter draws near, we begin to look for ways to combat the cold. The following food streets with their number of delicious snacks and dishes are bound to warm your mind body and soul.
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