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Make a Splash in Hangzhou's Water Parks 2020-04-05
Playing with fire is dangerous but playing with water, on the other hand, is cool and entertaining and in the sweltering summer months there really is no better entertainment than playing within cool water. Whilst swimming inside an indoor pool sounds like a great idea what is arguably even better is to make a splash in one of Hangzhou's water amusement parks where both indoor and outdoor pools are available.

Lang Lang Lang Water Amusement Park

Lang Lang Lang Water Amusement Park (浪浪浪水公园) is the largest and the most stylish water park in Eastern China. It boasts a 30,000 sq m water amusement area, an 11,000 sq m children's water play area and a 6,000 sq m surf pool.

It provides its visitors with over a dozen water activities. The 6,000 sq m surf pool can accommodate 3,000 people at a time and the waves can be as high as 1.8 meters lasting for 30 minutes. For more surfing fun you can also head to the sliding plate surfing area. In addition, water slides of different heights and shapes are provided to adventurously slide visitors down to the waters below.

If surfing hasn't worn you out then you can always drift freely in the 500-meter-long drift river which is surrounded by ancient villages from the 8,000-year-old Kuahuqiao Bridge Culture, or you can enjoy a quiet moment with your family in the cool water in Qingshui Pool.

Hours (July 3 – August 31 )
Daytime Visit Nighttime Visit
Weekdays: 10:30 – 21:00
Weekends: 10:00 – 22:00
Weekdays: 16:00 – 21:00
Weekends: 16:00 – 22:00
160 RMB pp for Daytime Visit and 120 RMB pp for Nighttime Visit
Special Ticket: 100 RMB

Children 1.2 m and under requires no ticket;
Children 1.5 m and taller need to pay the full price.
Children from 1.2 m to 1.5 m, the elderly aged 70 and above, the disabled, soldiers in active service and teachers with the 30-year-above teaching experience can purchase special ticket by presenting required valid IDs.

Tel: 86-571-82880222 / 82880333
Add: No. 2555, Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan District (萧山区风情大道2555号)
How to get there: Take bus No. 659, 712 to the bus stop of East Hangzhou Paradise Park, or No. 716 to the bus stop of South Hangzhou Paradise Park, or No. 406 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Paradise Park

Oriental Water World

Oriental Water World, located inside Hangzhou Taixuhu Holiday Hotel, is an indoor water amusement park equipped with a water play area for children, swimming zone, surf zone, sauna zone and bathing zone for ladies only.

This summer Oriental Water World welcomes you to join a host of entertainment from the hottest samba dance, fun clown party to parent-child DIY games and digital music. There is also a girls-only bathing zone where milk, wine and rose baths are offered to give you a glowing summer.

Daytime Visit Nighttime Visit
10:00 – 16:00
17:00 – 21:00
Daytime Visit Nighttime Visit
Friday to Sunday:
108 RMB pp for adults; 50 RMB pp for children

Monday to Sunday:
78 RMB pp for adults; 30 RMB pp for children

Tel: 86-571-82336868-5688
Address: Inside Oriental Culture Park, Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区义桥镇东方文化园内)
How to get there: Take bus No. 726, 178, 405 or 222 to the bus stop of Oriental Cultural Park
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FAX: 86-571-96123
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