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Drift Along in Hangzhou's Rafting Scene… 2020-04-05
Regardless of the weather forecast Hangzhou is still one of the hottest venues for exploring summer and to get carried away in a city that is overflowing with cool activities then let the following rafting places drift you along…



Qingxi Prince Valley

With a drop of 110 meters and a total length of 3.8 km it is no wonder Qingxi Prince Valley (青溪王子谷) is hailed as the place to "never-stop rafting". In the summer of 2013 there was a severe drought and 90% of the rafting places in Zhejiang were short of water but this never affected Prince Valley Rafting, which has a larger reservoir of water flowing from Thousand-islet Lake. So as long as Thousand-islet Lake is full of water, then the rafting will never stop.

How to get there: Drive along Hangzhou - Qiandaohu Highway and get off the highway at Danzhu (淡竹) Exit, then drive along Provincial Road 303 to Prince Valley Rafting Scenic Area.
Ticket: 110 RMB per person

White Cloud Stream Rafting

White Cloud Stream Rafting (白云溪漂流) is located in the White Cloud Stream of Song Village which is a source of the Thousand-islet Lake. It is the first rafting to have opened to the public of Thousand-islet. The stream is wide and the water flows slowly and is both suitable for the young and old alike.

How to get there: Drive along Hangzhou - Qiandaohu Highway and get off the highway at Qiandaohu Exit; cross Qiandaohu Bridge and drive along Qianwei Road (千威线) for 31 km then pass by Songcun Bridge and turn right for 3 km until you reach White Cloud Stream Rafting Ticket Office.
Ticket: 110 RMB per person



Moon Bay Rafting

The total length of Moon Bay (月亮湾) is 2.5 km and it uses kayak for rafting which can accommodate two people.
How to get there: Drive along Hangzhou - Anhui Highway and get off the highway at Zaoxi (藻溪) Exit.
Ticket: 150 RMB per person.

Longjing Gorge Rafting

Longjing Gorge Rafting (龙井峡漂流) is called a “Roller Coaster on waves” as you raft through steep cliffs and green mountains whilst navigating many curves and ponds.

How to get there: Drive along Hangzhou - Anhui Highway and get off the highway at Longgang (龙岗) Exit, and then drive for 2 km until you reach your destination.
Ticket: 180 RMB per person



Calabash Gorge Rafting

In Calabash Gorge (葫芦峡), the water is clear and falls down from mountains and rocks several hundred meters high. The journey down can take approx. one hour but it is worth it as you descend pure natural mountains and cool springs.

How to get there: Drive along Hang – Xin - Jing Highway and get off the highway at Qiantan (乾潭) Exit.
Ticket: 120RMB per person

Xin’an River Dragon Boat Rafting
If you want to experience the scenery of Xin’an River (新安江) which consists of clear waters, cool winds and dreamlike fog then Dragon Boat Rafting along Xin’an River is a good choice. The total length is 6 km and when the fog hits then it is like you are in true fairyland.

How to get there: Driver along Hang - Xin - Jing Highway and get off the highway at Xin’an River Exit.
Single Rafting: 75 RMB per person
Double Rafting: 88 RMB per person



Huyuan Stream Rafting

There are 18 ravines in Huyuan Stream (湖源溪) with every ravine having its own name such as: elephant trunk sucking water, tiger jumping, lion running, dragon rock in rain and fog and etc. The scenic area offers shower rooms and 24 hour hot water. After a day’s rafting you can stay at the farmers’ guesthouses and eat their local cuisine whilst soaking up the picturesque landscape of mountains, water and fresh air.

How to get there: Drive along Hang – Xin - Jing Highway and get off the highway at Zhongbu (中埠) Exit
Ticket: 168 RMB per person



Shuangxi Rafting

There are kayaks and bamboo rafts in Shuangxi Rafting (双溪漂流), while the former is exciting and is for two people and wooden paddles are used to drift you through the energetic waves, the latter is more relaxing. Before rafting you can even take an ox cart among bamboo forests which is most certainly a different pace to raft.

How to get there: Drive along Hangzhou - Changsha Highway and get off the highway at Jingshan (径山) Exit
Ticket: Kayak 135 RMB per person (available from May to Oct.), Bamboo raft 110 RMB per person (all year round)

Xianshan Valley Rafting

Located at the beautiful Xianbaikeng (仙佰坑) Reservoir Power Station, the water in Xianshan Valley Rafting (仙山谷漂流) is the highlight and the water quality has reached National Level 1. The rafting glides you through mountains surrounding the river where curves and falls await.

How to get there: Hangzhou Round-the-city Highway - Gouzhuang Exit → drive northwards and take State Road No.104 → Turn left to Provincial Road No.04 → Lu’niao Town (鸬鸟镇) → Xianshan Valley Rafting
Ticket: 138 RMB per person



Yalu Rapid Adventure

The 198 meter vertical drop is equivalent to 66 floors and Yalu Rapid Adventure (雅鲁激流探险) is the most popular rafting in Tonglu which receives 70,000 to 80,000 visitors every year. On some days there may be as many as 8,000. The river seems gentle but due to its height you may feel like you are flying and not rafting.

How to get there: Drive along Hangzhou-Anhui Highway and get off the highway at Yuqian (於潜) Exit
Ticket: 180 RMB per person

Tips: Safety comes first

Always wear a helmet and lifejacket and it is also advisable to wear swimming suits as you are likely to get wet. Also wear sunscreen lotion and/or UV protected clothes.

Children under 1.3 meter and senior citizens above 60 years are not suitable to participate.

Don’t forget your water pistols for that added splash!
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