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Underwater Ancient City Reappears 2018-11-16
The Thousand-islet Lake is the largest man-made lake in eastern China and where the lake is now there used to dwell a city called Shi Cheng (Lion City). After the construction of the huge dam of Xin’an River Hydropower Station the former city was flooded and residents were evacuated. The site of the city still rests underwater and is well-preserved and referred to as Shi Cheng Underwater Ancient City.

Shi Cheng Underwater Ancient City has existed for 1339 years and was the political, financial, cultural and transportation center of Sui'an County.
On June 9 (Dragon Boat Festival), a Wen Yuan Shi Cheng (文渊狮城) themed on the culture of the century-old underwater city will be relived showing visitors through a series of activities what it was like to live in such a city.


The Return of Shi Cheng
During the opening of the Wen Yuan Shi Cheng there will be a lion dance performance, Han Clothes Fashion show, puppet show, shadow play and a live show featuring oriental etiquette revealing the ups and downs of Shi Cheng.

Role Playing
Visitors get to dress in traditional costume to experience being a resident of the underwater city.

Shi Cheng Folk Custom Experiencing Day – Dragon Boat Festival
Visitors will be offered the chance to experience Dragon Boat Festival customs such as Displaying Mugwort Branches on Duanwu Festival (Dragon Boat Festival), Pasting Talisman to Drive Away Five Poisonous Creatures (frogs, scorpions, spiders, centipedes and snakes), and hanging the painting of Zhongkui to keep off evil spirits. What’s more you can even try your hands at making rice dumplings.

VR Technology to show 360 degree View of the Underwater City
The VR experience hall will offer you a chance to see a 360 degree view of the underwater city and its century-old culture and history.


The opening of Wen Yuan Shi Cheng initials the starting of ‘Gourmet Week’ where dishes listed as intangible cultural heritages and local dishes are set to take you on a tasteful journey.


Primus Hotel, a five-star Chinese-style hotel, located inside Wen Yuan Shi Cheng Tourism and Leisure Resort is the first "Yangsheng" themed hotel to offer tailor-made Yangsheng packages.  Yangsheng (养生) refers to ways and things that are used to keep people in good shape both mentally and physically.

The hotel has 83 guest-rooms each boasting a personalized "Yangsheng"  theme. With guest-rooms featuring exclusive courtyards one can peacefully soak up the atmosphere of azure skies and shining stars – an experience enjoyed by many a wealthy family in the underwater ancient city.
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