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The Best Picks of the Season… 2019-03-20
It’s that time again for blueberries, cherry tomatoes, kylin melons, green plums, loquats and bayberries to show off their true colors and entice you into picking them. So in order to taste the best picks of the season feast your eyes on the following ...


With cherries out of season, blueberries are on the rise and have now become the top fruit for harvesting. Strings of blueberries can be seen hanging from branches and with their super-food status and intense, succulent flavors, it is no wonder they are the best pick of the bunch.

Where to Pick Blueberries

Yiqiao Minwang Agricultural Blueberries Base


There are currently six categories of blueberries in this 280 mu (1 mu equals 666 sq m) blueberry plantation, all of which are ready for harvest.

Add: Xu Tong Shan Xia Village, Yiqiao Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区义桥镇徐童山下村)


Tel: 86-571-82202992

Time: May 10 to June 20

How to Get There:
Take bus No.352 (from downtown Hangzhou) or No.719 or No.714 (from downtown Xiaoshan) to the terminal bus station Yiqiao (义桥) and then transfer to bus No.881 to the bus stop of Fangjia (方家) where you will get off and walk straight for 50 meters and then turn left (Bus No.881 departs every 40 min.)

Hangzhou Blue Sea Ecological Agriculture Co.,Ltd


Blue Sea is located in Suoqian Town, Xiaoshan, which is known for its ecological tourism, picturesque waters and mountains. There is a 1200 mu area for ecological seedlings and 20 mu of land dedicated to blueberry plantations.

Add: Xia Shan Dai Town, Suoqian Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区所前镇夏山埭)

Tel: 86-571-82345807

Time: From May 28

How to Get There: Take bus No. 730 (Section), No.747 or No.412 to the Bus Stop of Xia Shan Dai.



Kylin Melons

These melons are a must have in summer as, in just one bite, you are guaranteed the sweetest and coolest of sensations which is perfect in the summer’s sweltering heat. Besides their taste the melons are also rich in vitamins.

Where to Pick Kylin Melons

Hongboyuan High Technology Farm


Xiaoshan Hongboyuan National Defense Education Center is located at the bank of the Qiantang River in Xiaoshan. It is a place that combines a number of functions such as conference, training and development center, BBQ, picnic, high technology farm visiting, fruit picking and military school for teenagers. The Hongboyuan High Technology Farm located inside the center will open at the end of this May for melon picking where you can also experience the “Red” Culture and ecological melon pick.

Add: Stretching from Gongjian Road to the riverside, Ningwei Town, Xiaoshan District (宁围镇共建路至江边 )


Tel: 86-571-82827777 / 18668222866    

How to Get There: Take bus No.710 to Ying’er Village (盈二村) and walk to the farm.

Hangzhou Jinmaitian Plant & Breed Co.,Ltd


This company has a 20-year history of growing vegetables and owns more than 2000 mu of vegetable crops. Besides its kylin melon they also grow casabas, cucumbers, big and small tomatoes, eggplants, chilli and pumpkins. You can also buy authentically home grown chickens and eggs. If you visit now you can see dragon fruit, flowers and kiwifruit.

Add: Jiangnan Village, Puyang Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区浦阳镇江南村)

Tel: 13967178899

How to Get There: Take bus No.742 in Hangzhou East Bus Station

Hangzhou Jitian Agriculture


Hangzhou Jitian Agriculture has two vegetable plantations, one in Talou (楼塔) and the other in Weiken (围垦), both of which offer kylin melons, small tomatoes, cucumbers, gourds, eggplants, chilli and many other perishable items.

Add: South of Village Committee of Datongyi Village, Talou Town / Twelfth Section of Weiken (楼塔镇大同一村村委会南面/围垦十二公段)

Tel: 86-571-83899669

Cherry Tomatoes

Although some may believe cherry tomatoes are vegetables they are, in fact, fruits. They are as small as grapes and are both juicy and nutritional to taste. The vitamin content is 1.7 times higher than in normal tomatoes.

Where to Pick Cherry Tomatoes

Hongboyuan High Technology Farm, Hangzhou Jinmaitian Plant & Breed Co.,Ltd and Hangzhou Jitian Agriculture


Detailed information same as above


Loquats are ready for harvest from the middle of June which you can tell by their fragrant smell. Picking yellow, succulent loquats is a fun packed activity for all the family.

Where to Pick Loquats

Hongboyuan High Technology Farm


Detailed information same as above

Green Plums

Xiaoshan green plums are not only famous for their green color but are also favored for their juiciness, plumpness and sourness. Jinghua Town is the main production area for the plums and is also called Zhejiang’s “Hometown of Green Plums”.

Where to Pick Green Plums

Jishan Plum Garden


The place is nestled within Hangzhou Jianchang Bay Agricultural Base - a pleasant environment full of forest plum trees and the perfect spot for picking a plum or two. The 2016 Xiaoshan Jinhua Town Plum Blossom Festival was also held here in February.

Add: Jishan Village, Jinhua Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区进化镇吉山村 )

Tel: 18258027538/18767149270


Bayberries are revered as ‘the gem amongst all other fruits’ for they are fibrous and contain mineral elements, vitamins, a small amount of protein, fat, pectin and eight kinds of healthy amino acids. In addition, the calcium, phosphorus and iron content in bayberries is 10 times higher than in other fruits. Besides extremely high nutritional value bayberries are also a sweet and sour treat.

Where to Pick Bayberries

Meishan Farm


Jinhua Town is covered by selenium-rich soil which explains why Jinhua bayberries are full of selenium and full of anti-cancer and immunity properties. Jinhua Ciguqiu (慈姑裘) bayberries are the only type of bayberry in Hangzhou to have passed as a “China Organic Product”.

Meishan Farm is the first leisure farm in Jinhua to breed crucian, herring and bighead carp in a mountainous reservoir and along with its home grown chickens this makes it the perfect pick for a weekend break.

Time: June 10

Add: Yunfei Village, Jinhua Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区进化镇云飞村)

Tel: 86-571-83869798

Jindi Farm


Time: June

Add: Lijia Village, Suoqian Town, Xiaoshan District (萧山区所前镇李家村)

Tel: 86-571-82345777

How to Get There: Take bus No.747 or K412 to the village or take bus No.K730 to Suoqian Coach Center and walk to the farm.

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