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China Tourism's Discount Day 2018-11-16
May 19 is the sixth China Tourism Day and on this special day many scenic areas in different parts of Hangzhou will be offering tourists big discounts. Read on for more information...

Xiaoshan District

Hangzhou Oriental Culture Park
Date: May 19
Discount: Buy one get one free

Song Dynasty Town
Date: May 19 – Dec. 31
Joint Ticket for Song Dynasty Town, Performance ‘Legend of Song Dynasty’ and (Hangzhou Paradise Park or Crazy Appleland or Yunman Hot Spring)
Discount: Now RMB 300 – originally RMB 460

Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park
Date: May 19
Discount: Now RMB 211 – originally RMB 240
RMB 184 for children from 1.0 to 1.3 meters, soldiers on active service, the disabled, teachers with 30 years’ teaching experience and the over 60.

Xianghu Lake
Date: May 19
Bicycle: Now RMB 10 per hour – originally RMB 20
Tourist Car: Now RMB 30 per hour – originally RMB 40
Note: Discounts are enjoyed in Tourist Center

Fuyang District

Fu Chun Tao Yuan (富春桃源)
Date: May 16 – May 22
Discount: 30% off admission and transportation fee.

Tong Tian Fei Pu (通天飞瀑)
Date: May 16 – May 22
Discount: 40 % off admission fee

Fuyang Hawkeye Outdoor Sports (富阳鹰眼户外运动)
Date: May 16 – May 22
Discount: 20 % off

Tonglu District

Qinxi Canyon (琴溪峡谷)
Date: May 19 – May 22
Discount: 50 % off

Tianzidi Ecological Scenic Area (天子地生态风景区)
Date: May 19
Discount: 50 % off admission fee

Chun’an District

Thousand-islet Lake Scenic Area
Date: May 19
Discount: 50 % off admission fee

Lin'an District

Zhexi Grand Canyon
Date: May 19
Discount: 50% off

Liuxi River (柳溪江)
Date: May 19
Discount: 20 % off

Heqiao Ancient Town (河桥古镇)
Date: May 19
Discount: 20 % off
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