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2016 Hangzhou Art Fair Unveils its Creations 2018-11-16
This month from 13 to 16, the 9th Hangzhou Art Fair unveils its creations in Zhejiang’s World Trade International Exhibition Center. This year is the largest art fair in history and with over 12000 sq m of artistic space to cover visitors will be able to indulge their senses in the world of art, either by casting their eyes on a large number of masterpieces or engaging in a series of interactive activities. There is also the opportunity to purchase some ‘arty’ pieces to take home.

With the arrival of the G20 Summit not far away, the 2016 Hangzhou Art Fair aims to fully demonstrate the charms of Hangzhou as a historical, cultural, creative and lively metropolis by emphasizing its profound culture, technological creations and international prospective.

The art fair is comprised of four exhibition zones:

◆ Classic Work Invitation Exhibition Zone exhibits original works (oil paintings and woodblock prints) of over 20 world famous European artists.

◆ On the second floor the ‘Sino-Poland Culture and Art Exchange – Amber Polar Light in China’ presents visitors with various types of ornamental amber designed by over 20 acclaimed Polish artists.
◆ The No. 5 exhibition hall is the Gallery Zone where visitors can find galleries characteristic of Hangzhou as well as galleries from cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu and Wuhan.
◆ If you are looking for something ‘arty’ then go to the No. 6 exhibition hall where an assortment of high quality artworks at affordable prices will await you. Here there are a variety of works appealing to all tastes, including woodblock prints, ceramics and glass works as well as jewelry and silk scarves.

◆ Besides the exhibitions and numerous interactive activities on offer you can also enjoy a one-to-one with artists. With VR technology bringing you 1-dimension works into life and glass art performances such as ‘Fire on March’ or calligraphy lessons and the ‘Wall Art’ Woodblock Print Experiencing Day and ‘Salute to Masters’ Classic Woodblock Print Copy Competition, a day at the Hangzhou art fair is guaranteed to leave you feeling artistically challenged.

Time: May 13: 10:00 – 18:00

May 14 and 15: 09:00 – 18:00
May 16: 9:00 – 16:00
Venue: Zhejiang World Trade Center
Address: No. 122, Shuguang Road (曙光路122号)
Ticket: RMB 50

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