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Hangzhou in the Spotlight… 2018-11-16
Since the ‘Lighting Up Project’ was initiated the city of Hangzhou has become more illuminating by the second. This project was heavily invested and introduced in order to promote the night views of the whole city which can be seen via the various types of colorful lights installed on landmark attractions and architectural sights such as the West Lake Scenic Area, banks of Qiantang River and Grand Canal as well as the city’s elevated roads and railway stations. With added color Hangzhou, at night, really is in the spotlight and certainly lives up to its reputation as a heavenly city.

With the night views of Hangzhou becoming more and more alluring and the weather getting hotter by the minute exercising at night is the number one choice for many. With cycling and running as the two favorite pastimes enjoying a jog or a ride has never been so enlightening. 

Night Cycling Along Qiantang River

Route: Cycling across Qiantang River on the second floor of Fuxing Bridge and then turn right to Wentao Road (文涛路). Continue along the road until reaching Qiantang River Bridge then cross the bridge and ride for two or three more kilometers to the end of the road and return.
Distance: 25 kilometers

Highlight: The total length of ‘Lighting Up Project’ along Qiantang River is about 30 kilometers, stretching from Qiantang River Bridge to the Second Bridge of Qiantang River. The landscape lamps are lit all along the banks and the north bank, Zhijiang Road (之江路) is decorated by a row of flashing yellow round lamps; The south bank, Wentao Road is decorated by shining yellow lamps so arranged in a style that seen from afar they resemble flowing water. In addition, the skyline above the city’s skyscrapers is beautifully decorated by lights.

Ride westwards along Wentao Road and you will catch sight of the Pagoda of Six Harmonies highlighted by a warm glow of yellow lights and on your return you can even appreciate the beauty of Fuxing Bridge where each level is illuminated by different colored lights and reflected magically in Qiantang River. The night view of Fuxing Bridge is further enhanced by an artistic arrangement of 12 colorful lamps and three themed lamp groups.

Lighting up time:
Pagoda of Six Harmonies: Weekends and holidays (There is no fixed time but it is generally after dark and before 10 pm).
Fuxing Bridge: Starts at about 6 pm and the first level of the bridge lights up with colorful themed lights until 10:30 pm.

Night Running Along West Lake

Route: No.1 Lakeside Park → Children’s Palace → Broken Bridge → Bai Causeway → Gushan Road → Beishan Road

Highlight: The route is a small circle, not too long and is suitable for people who want to catch sight of the illuminated West Lake. Ride to the Broken Bridge and you will view the Precious Stone Hill from a distance where set amongst a black backwash the verdant forests and yellow rocks are highlighted by golden lights. As you return to Beishan Road you will see the Broken Bridge alit with wonder. Also there are the three islets in West Lake which, with the help of lights, show an impressive cycle of the four seasons of the West Lake.

Lighting up time: West Lake North Route Precious Stone Hill: Weekends and holidays from dark until 10:30 pm.

Night Running Along Grand Canal

Route: Grand Canal Square → Dengyun Bridge → Lishui Road → Qingfang Bridge → Xiaohe Road
Distance: 7 Kilometers

Highlight: Adorned with a landscape of lamps the Grand Canal at night resembles that of a Chinese ink and wash painting. Among the lighting up project of Grand Canal, lights and lanterns are mostly adopted with the lanterns showing a scene of bridges and rivers in rain. For those who are interested, they can start at Wulinmen wharf and jog or walk to Gongchen Bridge along the Grand Canal where a lighting landscape, rarely seen anywhere else, awaits.

Lighting up time:
Grand Canal: 6:30 pm to 9 pm Monday to Thursday; weekends until 9:30 pm. 

Night Running in Qianjiang New City

Route: Hangzhou Civic Center → City Balcony → Riverbank of Qiantang River → Xixing Bridge → Fuxing Bridge → return

: ‘City, Water, Light, Shadow’ themed light show of Qianjiang New City is definitely a must see. With the use of lights and shadows, the Hangzhou Civic Center, International Convention Center, Hangzhou Theatre, City Balcony, Central Fountain and nearby skyscrapers form a fabulous fairyland-like painting. You can witness these eye-catching light shows from the banks along City Balcony to Xixing Bridge and Star Avenue.

Lighting up time:
Qianjiang New City: Weekends and holidays
Skyscrapers near Star Avenue of Binjiang District: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm every day
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