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To be Han for Three Days 2018-11-16
From April 28 to May 1, in the square of Hangzhou Workmanship Demonstration Pavilion, visitors will be given the opportunity to wear Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing, in what is also known as the 2016 Grand Canal Han Fashion Culture Festival.


Hanfu refers to the historical dress of the Han Chinese which is the epitome of China also known as the ‘Country of Etiquette’ and the bearer of numerous techniques such as weaving, dyeing and embroidering and which has inherited over 30 Chinese Intangible Culture Heritages and Chinese arts as well as crafts under its national protection.

Compared to the most commonly known traditional Chinese garb ‘Qipao’, Hanfu is long and loose and contains many pieces of clothing which are Yi (衣: Open cross-collar garment worn by both sexes), Pao (袍: Closed full-body garment worn by men), Ru (襦: Open cross-collar shirt), Shan (衫: Open cross-collar shirt or jacket that is worn over the Yi), Chang (裳:Skirt for women and men), Ku (褲: Trousers or pants), Bixi (蔽膝: Long front cloth panel attached from the waist belt) and hats for men and hair pieces for women.

The 2016 Grand Canal Han Fashion Culture Festival compromises of four sections and each aims to present you with show-stopping performances, such as opera, poetry, traditional Chinese music, Han Beauty Appraisal, Children’s Han Fashion Competition, press conference of Han Clothing and Chinese poem and verse competitions. If these performances are not enough then you can always bring home a piece of Han-style merchandise from the Han Fashion Culture Products Fair.

The ceremony opens with the renowned Han dance, ‘Capital of Etiquette’ and a performance combining traditional martial arts and Yoga presented by a world martial arts championship winner.

Other spectacular events include:
1. Four models in Han Clothing showing the charm of Han Culture from the Grand Canal exclusive carved boat.

2. Girls modeling Han Clothes designed by Hangzhou’s most famous Han Clothing designer.

3. During the festival the Grand Canal Scenic Area will provide a thousand of 100 RMB worth of boat tickets and 50 RMB worth of cash coupons for Grand Canal Cruise (the route is from Wulinmen wharf to Gongchen Bridge). Visitors can get these boat tickets and vouchers by participating in the activities available in Workmanship Square.

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