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Cherry Blossom – Romantically Blooms 2018-11-16
As temperatures rise, tours to Japan for viewing cherry blossom also increase in popularity, but rather than fly to Japan, why not immerse oneself in the fragrance of cherry blossom in the 200,000 sq m flower area in Hangzhou’s Hai Huang Xing Eco-park in Shuangpu Town, which will take full bloom from March 5.

Unprecedented Volume

Have you ever seen cherry blossom cover an area the same size of 30 standard football pitches? Hangzhou has an age-long history of cultivating cherry blossom and the reputation of Shuangpu cultivating cherry blossom is known to all, notably its 1999-meter-long cherry blossom pedestrianized street which, in 2015, attracted visitors of approx.100, 000.

This year, the organizer of Shuangpu Cherry Blossom Festival has upgraded the event by introducing, for the first time, *China Red cherry blossom to Hangzhou. Amid the 200,000 sq m flower area are cherry blossom, Chinese flowering apple, rape flowers, camellia and other budding creations all waiting to brighten up your day.

* China Red cherry blossom is a hybrid of two Chinese cherry species, independently cultivated by the founder-member of the China Cherry Blossom Industry Association.

Beside its size, what’s even more amazing is that the flowering period of cherry blossom in Hai Huang Xing Eco-park is as long as 40 days which is much longer than the common seven days. How can cherry blossom flower for so long? To cater to the needs of tourists, Hai Huang Xing Eco-park has planted cherry blossom with different flowering periods which totals a maximum of 40 days.


Unlimited Romance

After a year’s renovation, the 1999-meter-long cherry blossom pedestrianized street is back and this year it is flanked by 10-year-old cherry trees cultivated in cherry-only soil which not only accounts for the blossom’s brilliant vibrancy but also sets the scene for the perfect photo opportunity.

In addition, Hai Huang Xing Eco-park sets up a Valentine island and a wishing gallery where one can make a wish by tying a cherry blossom card in its corridor.

Tasteful Experience

After viewing the cherry blossom, why not explore another tasteful experience by savoring a number of palatable and healthy dishes in the park’s restaurant, which is on water. What is special about this restaurant is that customers can personally pick the vegetables in the farming zone and then hand them over to the chef to work his magic. The vegetables here are organic and healthy which is owed to the park’s advantageous location at the convergence of Qiantang River and Fuchun River, a blessed and un-rivaled eco environment.

Time: March 5 to April 17
Add: No. 1, Sihaopu Road, Shuangpu Town, Xihu District (西湖区双浦镇四号浦路1号)
Tel: 86-571-87615166
Traffic: Take bus No. 827 to the bus stop of Hangjiangcun Village and then walk for 800 meters
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