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Songcheng Festivities and Fun 2018-11-16
Song Dynasty Town (or Songcheng) is a blessed place in Hangzhou which every year, during the Spring Festival, holds a temple fair where both locals and foreigners are able to join in the fun of the festivities.

This year the temple fair, described as 'traditional' and 'newfangled' will be available from Feb. 8 to Feb. 22. Traditional performances like dragon dance, lion dance and flower-drum-lantern dance will be on stage. In addition to that there will also be an auspicious New Year welcoming ritual, a booming Niangao dance, as well as the show 'Golden Monkey Welcoming in the Spring Festival'.

During the annual Lantern Festival which falls on Feb.22 this year, Song Dynasty Town scenic area will reproduce a lantern show from that of the Song Dynasty and in which visitors will be able to appreciate all different kinds of lanterns, guess lantern riddles, taste Yuanxiao (sweet dumplings) and enjoy the happy festival with family and friends.

Apart from all the traditional activities visitors can also see a new drama show called 'everything about romance (凡事总关风月)' where performers of ethnic minorities from Lijiang and Jiuzhaigou Valley will especially come to Hangzhou and perform Tibetan dances. Furthermore in its 72 Lines Old Workshop (七十二行老作坊), folk artisans will be making Niangao, barley-sugar and sugar figurines and what’s even more appetizing is that visitors can, on the spot, taste and experience it all by themselves.

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