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Strawberries - Picking the Sweetest of 2016 2018-10-11
The New Year brings with it not only the promise of a fresh start on life but also a happy time to pick and enjoy juicy flame red strawberries.

The fame of Fuyang’s strawberry has spread wide because the place is home to some of the sweetest strawberry varieties in Zhejiang province, including varieties such as rose strawberry and cream strawberry.
To enjoy the sweetest of the strawberries during this festive season, head for the following places and guaranteed yourself a day that can’t get any sweeter.

Da Qing Strawberry Base (大青草莓基地)

When it comes to discussing places for strawberry picking, Fuyang District is likely to be the most popular in Zhejiang Province while the most notable one is the Da Qing Strawberry Base. Despite being called Da Qing Strawberry Base, the place is actually a natural village with breath-taking scenery, which adds more color to an already colorful strawberry picking experience.

It boasts of high quality natural strawberries that are grown without using any chemicals. The price of strawberries here is reasonable, on par with those on the market. Visitors are charged RMB 10-20 per person and can then eat to their heart’s content.

From the base, visitors can enjoy further by visiting nearby attractions (noteworthy ones include the Longmen Ancient Town, Paper Making Cultural Village etc.) or enjoy BBQ at Jiangxin Island, suitable for not only parents spending quality time with their children but for hanging out with friends as well.

Xinsha Strawberry Picking Base (新沙草莓采摘基地)

Besides sweeter than sweeter strawberries, Xinsha Strawberry Picking Place has more to offer than just the fun of picking fruit. What makes this place different from the other bases is its location - on Xinsha Island. Xinsha Island is located in the picturesque Fuchun River – the Fuyang section of Qiantang River. With crystal-clear water flowing by and rolling mountains at the river banks, the setting is scenic.

Visitors can also tour Xinsha Island Scenic Area on foot, by e-tourist car or have fun in water riding rafts, all ways provide great fun for both adults and children alike.

In addition to that, Xinsha Island is equipped with an assortment of entertainment facilities including places to quietly enjoy a cup of tea, BBQ, horse riding, amusement facilities for children, and a place to enjoy farm-flavored dishes and farm stays.
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