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Embrace the New Year with Loved Ones 2018-11-16
It's common practice for people to ring in the New Year at social gatherings, dancing, eating and drinking the night away with a bunch of friends. However, if you prefer to not wake up the next morning with a killer hangover and a less than pleased significant other, the following options may be what you should look out for instead. At these places, you can spend New Year’s Eve with your loved ones in a romantic and comfortable setting.

Yi Shan Yi Shi (依山依市)

Average Price: ¥ 77
Address: No. 111, Wengjiashan Mountain (翁家山111号)

Wengjiashan Mountain enjoys exceptional advantages since it is home to both the osmanthus - city flower of Hangzhou and Longjing Green Tea – Hangzhou’s worldly renowned special product.

On this marvelous mountain stands the Yi Shan Yi Shi Restaurant. The restaurant is just as romantic as the name suggests (for the unaware, ‘Yi Shan Yi Shi’ means a lifetime of love in Chinese). The restaurant has three floors, featuring European style architecture with floral wallpaper, comfortable sofas, brightly burning furnaces, multi-colored glass walls used to separate different zones, rather different for a farm-style restaurant.

Standing on the balcony, one is welcomed by a marvelous scene in which verdant trees and tea bushes cover every inch of the mountain. The view is even more splendid in rainy weather when everything is enveloped in misty fog - a view that seems to have dropped down to earth from heaven itself.

In addition to the excellent ambience and sights, the culinary team at Yi Shan Yi Shi is from a five-star hotel and specialize in both western and Chinese dishes, and the prices are relatively reasonable.

Pins De La Brume Hotel (九里云松度假酒店)

Average Price: ¥400
Address: No. 18-8, Lingyin Road (灵隐路18-8号)

Jiu Li Song has long been associated with romance, starting with its reputation for being the popular dating place for the youth in Hangzhou from the old times and at this romantic place is the Pins De La Brume Hotel. The hotel is concealed in between the mountains folds and streams. Hidden between tea gardens, the place certainly fits the description of a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The hotel restaurant serves Canton, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu dishes prepared from fresh ingredients with special attention to healthiness. The afternoon tea is a must-try, the unique selling point lying not in any complex brewing procedures but a specially prepared milk base.

She Nan Bei (舍南北)

Average Price: ¥193
Address: No. 87, Si Yan Jing, Yingui Road (银桂路四眼井87号)

The Si Yan Jing region is widely known as the gathering place of farm-flavored dishes and farm stays (farm stays here refer to any type of accommodation on a working farm), however to distinguish itself from others, She Nan Bei focuses on bringing authentic Italian dishes to the Hangzhounese.

LE RESTAURANT on the first floor is the pride of the owner, and serves authentic Italian and French dishes at good prices. Inside is a giant fruitwood stove, and pizzas baked from it give off the natural fragrance of fruitwood. The place also offers accommodation and has 16 guestrooms of different styles available.
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