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Tea for Two in Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Afternoon tea, a custom which was once associated with the upper class of the United Kingdom, becomes a fanciful craze in the city of Hangzhou. Associated with class and elegance, afternoon tea has now become a tasteful and relaxed way to enjoy a lazy afternoon with friends and family.

Hangzhou is home to a number of flavors which, like tea, are blended into a variety of experiences. For those with a thirst for tea then below are some of the best places to enjoy a brew or two and not only do they serve the most stylish afternoon teas but they also provide the best views too.

Chaptel Hotel

This hotel is housed inside a Shikumen building complex (a traditional Shanghainese architectural style building combining Western and Chinese elements). It is the old site of the temporary government for the Republic of Korea and for its historic importance and unique architecture the building complex has been inscribed into the protection list of cultural and historical relics.

Now a hotel member of RELAIS & CHATEAUX, Chaptel Hotel focuses on bringing its guests the utmost in dining and accommodation experience. In Chaptel Hotel afternoon tea follows the English-style where cakes and other sweet delicacies are served on a three-tier cake stand together with a wide variety of fruit teas. The cakes are arranged according to their color and taste, with the light-colored and salty ones at the bottom and the dark-colored and sweet varieties at the top. As for the teas the Chaptel Hotel caters to every taste and offers a wide selection which includes Ceylon black tea, Darjeeling black tea, Chinese-style tea, Western-style tea and flower tea.

Chaptel Hotel is adjacent to the West Lake and when talking of views, after a satisfied afternoon tea, one must stroll along the banks of the much-loved West Lake to see what we are talking about.

Address: No. 57 Changsheng Road (长生路57号)
Price: Set menu for one: 198 RMB plus 15% service charge; Set menu for two: 336 RMB plus 15% service charge

Xizi Hotel

Xizi in Chinese refers to Xi Shi – one of the ‘Four Ancient Beauties in China’ and in a famous poem the West Lake is compared to ‘Xizi’ to indicate its beauty in different weathers.

Throughout the years Xizi Hotel continues to live up to its name and with features that incorporate a Jiangnan style garden Xizi Hotel, with its pavilions and pagodas, can be described as being similar to an imperial palace. At Xizi Hotel afternoon tea is served alfresco on a waterfront platform and while listening to nature’s most wonderful sounds and watching the world go by is by far the best way to immerse oneself in an afternoon tea experience.

Unlike the majority of other afternoon tea venues that solely focuses on serving sweet desserts, this hotel offers a set of salty creations to match its Chinese green and black tea varieties. Among these are the hand-made salted fish and cured duck, Dingsheng Cake and mooncake with pickled vegetables and chopped meat (an extremely popular snack in Hangzhou).

Address: No. 37, Nanshan Road (南山路37号)

Sofitel Hotel

Sofitel is a French hotel chain and just like the Chaptel Hotel it is advantageously located not far from the West Lake. The afternoon tea served in Sofitel infuses Chinese and western elements and its tea for two menu features eighteen kinds of salty and sweet desserts to choose from.

Address: No. 333 Xihu Avenue (西湖大道333号)
Price: Set menu for two: 228 RMB plus 15 % service charge
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