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Favorable Cycling Routes to Immerse in Beauty 2018-10-30
With slowly decreasing temperature, Hangzhou welcomes its pleasing late autumn. As we know, cycling is a must-try to immerse yourself in the charming autumn of this world renowned tourist city against autumn breeze. So here come some favorable cycling routes. 

Broken Bridge – Su Causeway

It is known to almost every Hangzhounese that from Broken Bridge to Su Causeway is a popular cycling route. On the way you find the Solitary Hill (Gushan) where some museums are seated. You can stroll along tranquil and idyllic winding paths to taste authentic Hangzhou cuisine in Lou Wai Lou Restaurant.

Broken Bridge

After meal, go cycling to the longer and more tranquil Su Causeway which strides across the West Lake. Verdant trees line both sides of the causeway. All the way you can snap beautiful shots. 

Su Causeway
Starting point: public bicycle rental at Children’s Palace, the crossroad between Huan Cheng Road W. and Beishan Road.

Terminal: public bicycle rental at south end of Su Causeway

Distance: 5.4km

Zhijiang Road – Qianjiang New City

This may be the best cycling route in Xiasha which goes along Zhijiang Raod, with Qiantang River sideward. And this is not a very long route but quite suitable for beginners. With good road condition, night cycling can be safe whilst still never treat it lightly.

Qiantang River
Greening of Zhijiang Road E. is colorful. River sideward is lined by gingko trees as well as camphor trees and Huangshan Koelreuteria Paniculata trees.

Starting point: public bicycle rental at Xiasha Street Health Center(下沙街道卫生服务中心正门自行车租赁点)

Terminal: public bicycle rental at Fuchun Road E.,Jiefang Road Intersection(解放路口富春路东公共自行车租赁服务点)

Distance: about 14.5km

Hangzhou section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
All the way you can appreciate the new elegant style of the two thousand years old Grand Canal. You may find archaized water gardens, elderly people practicing Tai Chi, golden Chinese building, beautiful modern structures, leisurely water buses, boats and twinkling lights. Sometimes when footpath by canal is interrupted, just ask passers-by for direction. 

Hangzhou section of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

At the north end of this route seated Silian 166 (丝联166) innovation park where you can have meal and coffee.

Silian 166 (丝联166)

Starting point: public bicycle rental at Qiutao Road N., intersection between Qiutao R. N. and the Grand Canal (秋涛北路公共自行车租赁服务点,秋涛北路和京杭大运河交口)
Terminal: public bicycle rental at Dengyun R., crossroad between Dengyun R. and Xinchang R. (登云路公共自行车租赁服务点,登云路和新昌路路口)

Distance: about 11.5km

Six Harmonies Pagoda – Qianjiang New City

First reach the starting point at Six Harmonies Pagoda by bus or taxi. Before starting off, you can visit this oldest pagoda in Hangzhou. Then cycling along the bank of Qiantang River, all the way you can appreciate charming water landscape of the city. At the terminal in Qianjiang New City, looking at those fashionable buildings, you are into a new modern hub. 

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Qianjiang New City
Then go cycling by river, watch fluctuation of tidal water and enjoy your time.
Starting point: public bicycle rental at Six Harmonies Pagoda, close to Zhijiang R. and Qiantang River Bridge

Terminal: public bicycle rental at Jiefang R.E.

Distance: 9.6km
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