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West Lake International Expo – A Jewel in Hangzhou's Crown 2018-11-16
The China (Hangzhou) West Lake International Exposition originally began in 1929 and, now having been held for 16 times, continues to successfully attract millions of participants and visitors from both home and abroad. In the expo visitors are exposed to the best of Hangzhou’s products as well as its culture, history and scenery – you could say it is one of the jewels in Hangzhou’s crown.

This year from October 16 until November 1 the expo will show its wonders to the world and there will be 35 core events that will focus on 'Excellent Expo, Beautiful Hangzhou' which also includes four sections: international conference, information industry, tourism industry and culture.

The following are some of the wonderful events taking place:

2015 West Lake Expo International Experience Day

Time: Late October

Venue: West Lake, Hefang Street and Xixi National Wetland Park

Intro: This event is great for those wanting to know about the city of Hangzhou – here one can enjoy the charm of Hangzhou’s culture through its historical relics, natural scenery, museums, folk customs and food culture.

5th International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference

Time: Oct. 17

Venue: Qianjiang New City - Xianghu Scenic Area

Intro: This event is for those who love to walk and routes of different distances are arranged to cater for the 10,000 participants, 5 km, 15 km, 30 km and 50 km. The event creatively infuses exercise with the spectacular views of Hangzhou and at the finishing line you will even be greeted with a musical show. 

2015 China Folk Artisan Festival (Wushan Temple Fair)

Time: Oct. 19 to Oct. 25

Venue: Wushan Square, Southern Song Imperial Street and Qinghefang Street

Intro: This event can be described as ‘having everything under the sun’ as it offers visitors the Ceremony of Offering Sacrifice to gods, magic performances, Yueju Opera, workmanship demonstrations, Traditional Chinese Medicine Festival, Gaoying Food Street Gourmet Festival and a shopping extravaganza.

2015 Hangzhou Gourmet Festival

Time: Oct. 17 to Oct. 31

Venue: Hangzhou

Intro: This is definitely the place for foodies as here you will find all kinds of yummy food available. Having already been held for 16 times - this year’s gourmet festival will include all of its signature activities such as gourmet carnival, renowned desserts exhibition and the cafe and western food festival.

2015 China Grand Canal Temple Fair

Time: Oct. 23 to Oct. 25

Venue: Hangzhou Section of Grand Canal

Intro: Nine venues have been set up to show visitors the Grand Canal praying ceremony, a Qipao show, a musical concert and other cultural fairs.
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