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2015 Grand Canal Temple Fair to be on Stage 2018-11-16
2015 China Grand Canal Temple Fair is going to be on stage from Oct.23 to Oct.25, hosted by Hangzhou government. Visiting the temple fair by boat will be a great highlight this year.

The Grand Canal Temple Fair will set 9 major venues including Grand Canal World(Yunhe Tiandi), Grand Canal Cultural Square, Qiaoxi Historical Block, Xiaohe Historical Block, Dadou Road Historical Block, Xiangji Temple, Fuyi Granary, Tangqi Water Town and West Lake Cultural Square. Activities include opening ceremony, Grand Canal wedding ceremony, Cheongsam(Qipao) Show, Grand Canal night concert, the Republic of China Show, creative market, workmanship market, intangible cultural heritage market, traditional market, folklore market, brand market and so on. 

During the opening ceremony in the morning on Oct.23, multiple elements attach moral to 18 cities along Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal: 18 children respectively stand for the integration of 18 cities into the Grand Canal, 18 children give performance of “temple fair rhyme” and 18 selected new couples from 18 cities held together wedding ceremonies. Through these activities to deliver the 18 cities’ same wish of preservation of the Grand Canal. 

In addition, a wonderful drama and cheongsam show Mother’s Dowry will deducts the evolution of Grand Canal wedding custom and cheongsam culture.   

For visitors’ convenience, the Grand Canal Temple Fair promotes a specific touring route.

1.Take bus to Gao’s Villa(高家花园) or Qingfang Bridge(轻坊桥), walk for 300 meters,or self-driving at Grand Canal World(运河天地).Watch opening ceremony, Grand Canal children’s folk rhyme and dance, Grand Canal wedding ceremonies and cheongsam show.

2. Visit creative markets and hunt for Chinese food in Grand Canal World.

3. After meal, walk to Qiaoxi, Qiaodong makets, then go to Qiaoxi local specialty wharf to take Caofang Boat to Xiangji Temple. You can take a nap in the boat. 

4. Go ashore at Xiangji Gubu(香积古埠). Experience folk market in Dadou Road Historical Block.

5. Watch performance at Xiangji Temple square, visit Sansu Market(三素集市). If time is allowed, you can make pray in Xiangji Temple.
As for Grand Canal Temple Fair night tour, you can take painted boats to appreciate night view and the charming Grand Canal.

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