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Autumn – Hangzhou's Fruitful Season 2018-11-16
Autumn, with its number of ripening fruits, is now upon us and to welcome in this fruitful season a bunch of sweet and succulent fruits are waiting to be picked and savored from the Jiande Fruit and Vegetable Park. Depending on the season the park, which at present owns 14 bases, offers a variety of different picks and the flavors of this month are dragon fruit, kiwi fruit and grapes.

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit is a tropical plant which was originally introduced into Taiwan from the Southeast of Asia. Following Taiwan the plant then set its roots in the southern parts of China’s mainland and the fruit it bares is now commonly known for its abundance in albumin, vitamins and soluble dietary fiber as well as anti-oxidation, anti-aging and beautifying benefits.

Due to the fruits’ environmental demands and cultivation technology, before 2015, the dragon fruits sold in Hangzhou were not cultivated locally but transported from other areas. However, after years of experimenting with dragon fruit cultivation, Ruide Dragon Fruit Leisure Picking Base (瑞德火龙果休闲采摘基地) can now provide the people of Hangzhou with a place to select, pick, and savor their very own dragon fruit variety.

The base has a planting area of 100 mu (1 muroughly equals 666 sq m) which is predominantly covered with a blanket of red - the flame like color and shape of the dragon fruits hanging in green twigs is warmly welcoming and the dragon fruit’s sweet taste and soft flesh with crunchy seeds is a roaring success.

How to get there:
Drive along Hangxinjing Expressway (杭新景高速) to the Exit of Dadiankou (大店口) and then for 1.5km continue on along 320 National Highway in the direction of Longyou (龙游).
Tel: 13396525777

Kiwifruit, noted as the king of fruits for its high nutritional value, mainly has three varieties which can be recognized by their red-flesh, yellow-flesh or green-flesh interiors. For a taste of all three then head to Weihaoduo Kiwifruit Picking Base (维好多猕猴桃采摘基地) where almost all kinds of kiwifruit are available and to guarantee only the highest quality of kiwifruit the base only uses natural organic fertilizers.

Inside the base are a number of zones such as a Tasting Zone, Picking Zone, Photography and Filming Zone, Science Popularization Zone and an Exhibition Zone. To add to this tasteful experience and for a farm-flavored treat, then visitors also have the access to a range of seasonal, fresh vegetables and home-raised chickens, ducks and geese.

Tips: Kiwifruits of big sizes and deep colors are always an indicator of sweetness.
How to get there:
Drive along Hangxinjing Expressway to the Exit of Anren (安仁) and then for 3km continue on in the direction of Qintang (钦堂). Turn right after passing the People’s Government of Qintang Village.
Tel: 13386528889

The owner of the Red Earth Green Grapes Park (红地球绿色葡萄采摘基地) has been planting grapes for 10 years now during which he has introduced over 30 species of grapes from different parts of China. Keeping only those which fit in with the environment of Jiande, inside the base visitors can feast their eyes on a wide variety of grapes whilst at the same time experiencing a number of flavors. With a variety of flavors available such as Rugby Seedless Grape, Manicure Finger Grape and Kyoho Grape – this park will guarantee you a grape-tasting time.

How to get there:
Drive along Hangxinjing Expressway to the Exit of Qiantan (乾潭). Continue along Qiantan Hu Tong (乾潭互通) and then turn right to G320 Expressway for another 600 meters
Tel: 13705815282.
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