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A Leisurely Look into Hangzhou's Cafés… 2018-11-16
Hangzhou is widely recognized as an ‘Oriental Leisure City’ not only for its leisure culture but also for its service and number of recreational venues. It is these venues such as spas, restaurants, bars, theaters, galleries and cafés that enable the residents and visitors of Hangzhou to be leisurely immersed into the culture and charm of this ever-growing city.

Hangzhou is home to a wide variety of cafés and the following are bound to whet your appetite and leave you thirsty for more.

Central Perk (老友咖啡主题会所)

Anyone passing by the intersection of Gudun Road and Xingyi Sreet would have noticed Central Perk, a café designed in the same style of the iconic café from the sitcom ‘Friends’.

The owner, a huge fan of the show, opened the café to provide the perfect place for friends to meet and hang out. Covering two floors, the first floor of the café looks exactly like the one in the sitcom with the addition of a flat screen which daily shows episodes of the much-loved show. Sitting here while sipping coffee on the sofa and watching the show or drinking a bottle of beer at the bar is what ‘friends’ are for.

The second floor is for dining and also where you will find Monica’s and Joey's rooms which, decorated just like the rooms on the show, are great places for a small gathering or a private party.

In addition, the menu has everything you would expect from a full-service coffee shop but if you are not in the mood for just a quick coffee, then there a number of other beverages as well as a selection of food named after characters from the show such as Joey’s Pizza, and Ross’s Sandwich to tickle your friends taste buds.

Add: intersection of Gudun Road and Xingyi Street, Xihu District (西湖区古墩路与星艺街交叉口)

Hours: 13:00 – 24:00 on weekdays, 10:00 – 12:00 on weekends   

Qingfeng Café (青蜂咖啡馆)

Qingfeng Café can be found in the CBD (central business district) of Binjiang District and is noted for its warm ambience, sensational coffee and appetizing western-style food.

The café, covering 300 sq m, is during the day like most cafés in town in that it serves various kinds of coffee as well as a number of Chinese and western dishes. However, when night falls it magically turns into a bar. In addition, the chef of the café used to work for the five-star Hotel – Landison and with dishes like Provence Baked Seafood Rice, Beef Gravy Rice and Singapore Fried Noodles on the menu – a visit here is both time and money well spent.

Whether you choose to visit during the day or at night a trip to Qingfeng Café is always going to be a tasteful experience. 

Average price: RMB 79 per person

Add: 1/F Zhongcai Building, Binijiang District (滨江区中财大厦1楼)

Hours: 11:00 to 20:30

Mormor Café (莫陌咖啡)

The Mormor Café, located on Fengqi Road, features an American pastoral design and offers the highly recommended Jamaica frost coffee. The coffee which is basically iced-coffee topped with a layer of cream and ice cream is a bitter sweet alternative to the classic flat white.

Average Price: RMB 50 per person

Add: No. 29, Fengqi Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou (杭州下城区凤起路29号)

Hours: 9:00 – 24:00
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