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Hangzhou's Artistic Avenues 2018-11-16
On August 18, Baoqing Villa, the over 108 year old Hangzhou residence and once the most luxury hotel in Hangzhou made a decision to serve its city in a more artistic way. The villa cum museum is now housing a collection of Hangzhou’s Chinese paintings and is open to the public and free of charge.

Hangzhou is known world-wide for its art culture and it is in this city that one can find a number of artistic avenues home to some great Chinese masterpieces.

Hangzhou Chinese Painting Art Museum

Add: No. 38 - 40, Beishan Road (北山街38-40号)

Info: The museum incorporates Chinese painting and traditional Chinese art such as calligraphy and seal-engraving.


Aug. 18 to Sep. 6

The invitation exhibition of Chinese paintings themed on ‘Beautiful Hangzhou’

Sep. 9 to Sep. 20

Exhibitions of poem, verse and calligraphy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression

Sep. 23 to Oct. 11

Chinese paintings themed on Lotus flowers and Sweet Osmanthus

Zhejiang Art Museum

Add: No.138, Nanshan Road (南山路138号)

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday

Info: The museum which backs Wansong Peak and faces the West Lake was officially open to the public in 2009. It has exhibitions of different sizes and is one of the most modernized art museums in China.


Aug. 28 to Sep. 27

Modern Woodcuts collected by Zhejiang Art Museum

Aug. 26 to Sep. 6

An exhibition of pictures to celebrate the victory of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japanese aggression and the anti-fascist war

Zhejiang West Lake Gallery

Add: No. 25, Gushan Road (市孤山路25号)

Hours: 09:00 to 17:00 from Tuesday to Sunday; 12:00-17:00 on Mondays

Info: The gallery is located at the old site of the first national art institution of higher education – National Academy of Art and is close to ‘Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake’ one of the ‘Top Ten Views of West Lake’. 

Permanent Exhibition:

Paintings and Calligraphy by Huang Binhong

About Huang Binhong

Huang Binhong (1865 - 1955) was a modern artist noted for his landscape paintings and was equally adept in prose, calligraphy, epigraphy, and seal-cutting. At the age of 85 he moved to Hangzhou where he taught at the National Academy of Art.
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