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Hedong Food Street – The Taste of a Good Night 2018-11-16
Hedong Road in Hangzhou is an old-brand food street which, for over ten years now, has been coming alive only at night. The street’s restaurants and night stands are aplenty but only a few, like the following, stand the test of time satisfying a number of tastes from both home and abroad and therefore give you a taste of a good night.

Ding Ji Beef Restaurant

When Ding Ji first opened, it only had one waiter covering a space of 20 sq. m. Today the restaurant, run by Mrs. Ding and her brother, occupies 90 sq. m and has expanded to two branches and as the name suggests its specialty is beef. The recipe was created by Mrs. Ding’s father, a noted chef who also used to be the chef at the over 100-hundred-year-old Hangzhou Restaurant. Mr. Ding was good at preparing 36 of Hangzhou’s renowned dishes and in the 1950s was invited several times to Beijing to cook for Chinese leaders and foreign guests.

Succulent to taste but low in fat, Ding Ji Beef requires an over-ten-hour cooking process before serving. It is usually served on a piece of white paper where the beef is as thin as the paper. Dipped in salt and after one bite one is immediately filled with the fragrance of beef and for years it is this taste that has won the hearts of thousands and thousands of foodies.

In addition, the restaurant also serves a wide range of Hangzhou dishes, ranging from marinated duck to flavored crayfish.

Liang Da Ma Ma Crayfish Restaurant

This is the first crayfish restaurant known to serve the most authentic Xuyi Crayfish. Xuyi, a county located in Jiangsu Province, is noted for its high-quality crayfish and every summer hosts the international crayfish festival of China.

The owner of Liang Da Ma Ma is a native of Xuyi County and therefore all the key ingredients used are authentically hand-picked. The famous crayfish soup uses 40 renowned spices and herbal medicines and cooked in this way, is both refreshing and fragrant.

Farmer Grilled Fish


Farmer Grilled Fish is praised by Hangzhou foodies as being ‘the Best of its Kind in Hangzhou’ and it’s no wonder why as all the ingredients are air-flown directly from Chengdu, Sichuan – the original place of Farmer Grilled Fish. Spices made from over 20 herbal medicines are also grinded to powder to help the fragrance and flavors of such famed dishes.

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