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How to Keep Cool This Summer 2018-11-16
More than 3,000 years ago, when people in southern Finland first strapped bones to the bottom of their feet to glide on ice, the primitive form of ice skating took shape and landed the foundations for one of the best inventions ever.

Over the years ice-skating has become a popular recreation, a means of transport and a spectator sport for people from all corners of the globe. Whether it is on real or man-made ice, indoors or outdoors whatever the season, ice-skating certainly knows how to keep you cool.

In Hangzhou there are two popular ice rinks to break into and only a short glide away from local transport services both are guaranteed to provide you with cracking memories.

World Ice Arena

World Ice Arena is one of Southeast Asia’s best standard Olympic indoor ice rinks and the Hangzhou version is located inside the grand MIXC Shopping Center which is one of the best one-stop shopping centers in China. The ice rink roughly covers an area of 4200 sq. m with ice covering an area of 1800 sq. m. The rink is qualified for figure skating, speed skating and other ice recreational activities. Besides serving as an entertainment center for ice skating, it has its own ice skating training school and can host nationally recognized ice skating examinations.

Add: 4/F MIXC Shopping Center, No. 701 Fuchun Road, Jianggan District
How to get there: take the bus of No.9, 105, 106, 901 to the intersection of Fuchun Road and Minxin Road (富春路民心路口站) or subway line 4 to the station of Jiangjin Road (江锦路)
Tel: 86-571-89705666
Hours and Tickets:
Monday to Friday: 10:30—22:00 70 RMB
Weekends and holidays:
10:00—12:00         70 RMB
12:30—14:30       70 RMB
15:00—17:00       70 RMB
17:30—19:30       70 RMB
20:00—22:00       70 RMB
All-time Ticket: 10:30—22:00       70 RMB


Located in the north of Hangzhou’s downtown, XiYo Ice Rink is one of the two main ice rinks in Hangzhou along with World Ice Arena. Just like World Ice Arena, the rink is equipped with specialized equipment that meets with international standards and therefore offering a highly enjoyable skating experience.

What makes this ice rink stand out from the rest is the hockey night when a variety of hockey players show off their skills in this fast and exhilarating sport. Ice-breaking moments can be seen everyThursday night starting at 21:30.

Add: 2/F Chengxi Intime Building, No. 299, Fengdeng Street, Gongshu District
Tel: 86-571-87616220
How to get there: Take bus of No. 53, 54, 93, 129 and 303 to the intersection of Pingshui Street and Fengtang Road (萍水街丰潭路口)
Hours: 10:00-22:00
Tickets: RMB 70 per two and a half hours 
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