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Hot Treats in Cool Quarters 2018-11-16
If you led yourself to believe hot pot was more of a winter thing, prepare to be proven wrong. In an air-conditioned restaurant banishing all traces of the summer heat, huddling around a hot pot provides never-ending joy for family and friends alike, no heed paid to the weather outside. To cater to every taste, Hangzhou restaurants offer various kinds of hot pot. Beyond the usual numbing and spicy Sichuan style, one can also find mild Beijing style hot pot and individual Taiwanese style among others. Any of these options provide a hot treat to be relished within the comforts of restaurants equipped with the gift of modern cooling technology.

Haidilao (海底捞)

The reason why Haidilao tops out list is because it truly is one of the best in town, offering unparalleled service and delicious Sichuan style hot pot. If you’re not interested in leaving the comforts of your home, you can always avail their delivery service- just a phone call away, your very own hot pot is always ready to be enjoyed.

Branches in Town
Add: No.135, Yan’an Road (延安路135号)
Tel: (0571) 87088050

Add: No. 87-1, Qingchun Road (庆春路87-1号)
Tel: (0571) 81606592 / 81606593

Add: No. 337, Shaoxing Road (绍兴路337号)
Tel: (0571) 85366389 / 85366390

King Pot (幸福里)

The ambience characteristically represents Beijing, with accordingly styled hot pots and the decorations. This place is a nice alternative for those who either cannot or prefer not to stomach the heat of spicy hot pots. Featuring a sparse open layout, the restaurant uses traditional copper pots commonly seen in Beijing. Besides savoury Beijing style hot pot, the restaurant also serves baijiu, a traditional Chinese alcohol consumed by locals. If baijiu is not your scene, you can also try plum juice- the flavours of the drink complementing the taste of the hot pot well.

Add: 50m south of Dengyun Road and Jinhua Road (登云路和金华路往南50米)
Tel: (0571) 85047210

Doulao Fang (豆捞坊)

If you’re hankering for some hot pot but can’t find anyone else to go with you, Doulao Fang is the place to check out. The place serves individual Taiwanese style hot pot with the option of adding excellent fresh seafood, vegetable and other tasty treats as per one’s own wish. It may not be the same experience as sharing with friends and family, but its’s still a good option when you are alone in being struck by the hot pot cravings.

Add: No. 230, North Huancheng Road (环城北路230号)
Tel: (0571) 85177277

Add: No. 258, Yan’an Road (延安路258号)
Tel: (0571) 85870555
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