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A Food Paradise for All 2018-11-16
For years, Hangzhou has endeavored to draw more and more expatriates to the city and measures have been undertaken to make the place more loveable and liveable for expatriates. Clearly, the plan seems to have worked as the number of expatriates in Hangzhou has not only skyrocketed in recent years, but the city itself has also landed a spot on the list of the most charming cities through expatriates’ eyes for the fifth time.

Renowned as a ‘Food Paradise’, Hangzhou boasts of not only a wide variety of Chinese dishes to offer expatriates in a journey of taste through Chinese culture, but various kinds of multi-cuisine and international restaurants to guarantee a cosmopolitan dining experience. If you want a bite of delicacies from your hometown without spending the money on the flight ticket, you may be interested in sampling the fare from any of the following.

Restaurant da Ale

The restaurant, located in Chengxi (west of the town), features unassuming ambience and delicious Italian food. Run by a restaurant owner previously based in Italy who sacrificed the business back home to come all the way to Hangzhou simply for his son currently studying Chinese in Hangzhou, the food served here is, unlike that found in most Italian Restaurants in China, authentic and with no adjustments made to cater to the taste of the Chinese. With the exception of fruits and vegetables, most of the ingredients used are sourced directly from Italy.

Average Price: 84RMB per person
Address: No. 398, west Wen’san Road

Slim’s New York Steak &Burger

Words on the street- when searching for American food in Hangzhou, look no further than Slim’s. More than a few in number in the city, a majority of Americans are fan of the restaurant, and that itself serves as a testament to the taste and quality of the food.

Immediately upon stepping inside the restaurant, one can spot elements of American style in every detail, from the usage of ounce as the preferred unit of weight to the names of menu items, for example, Manhattan Monster Burger. As expected, the owner is an American and waiters and waitresses speak fluent American English. As for the food, besides its signature burgers and steaks, the restaurant serves also a wide selection of drinks and beverages.

Average Price: 194RMB per person
Address: No.202-2, Nanshan Road (南山路202-2号)


It’s no secret that Marais is in the business of making the best pizza in town, satisfying the palate of even the most discerning customer. In order to offer the best Western food to expatriates living in different areas, the restaurant has opened two branches; one advantageously located near the dazzling UNESCO heritage site and the pride of the city - West Lake and the other in Binjiang– a fast developing area in town benefiting from the booming economy. The restaurant is extremely popular with the expatriates who unsurprisingly outnumber Chinese patrons. Waiters and waitresses stand at a reasonable distance from customers to afford them privacy.

Average Price: 199 RMB per person
Add: Room 103, No.4 Shuangcheng International Building, No.1785, Jianghan Road
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