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Works of Art that Draw One Closer to the Master 2018-10-11
From the 10th of July onwards an exhibition showcasing more than two hundred works of Ma Yifu, a prominent figure in Chinese culture and a representative of modem neo-Confucianism, will be opened to the public at the Zhejiang Art Museum. The works to be put on display, a good number of which are on display for the first time, include poems, calligraphy, verse drafts, letters, inscriptions, prefaces and postscripts, all on loan from the Zhejiang Literature and History Research Hall and Zhejiang Library.

About Ma Yifu

A native of Shaoxing City in Zhejiang Province, Ma Yifu (1883-1967) was not only considered one of the ‘Three Modern Saints’, but a ‘Leading Master in Chinese Calligraphy’. Noted for his unique individual style in calligraphy, he was also remembered to be an exceptionally knowledgeable person and a noted modern ideologist.

Ma Yifu’s lifetime spanned a particularly turbulent period in China. Due to the political environment of his time, he lived an eventful yet fruitful life. Believed to be a ‘genius’ when young, at the age of 16 he placed first in the imperial examination, the test conducted to select government officials in ancient China, in the Zhejiang Area. After studying English, French and Latin in Shanghai, he started a magazine to spread Western literature.

In 1903, he went to the United States to supervise transfer of official documents and the correspondence of the International Students Office of China and later, went to Spain, Germany and Japan to study the languages. When he returned to China, he supported the revolution lead by Sun Yat-sen and endeavored to popularize Western thoughts. After the failure of the revolution, he lived in seclusion and devoted his time to the study of ancient Chinese philosophy, literature and Buddhism. He also developed a fascination for Confucianism, even starting a traditional Chinese Confucian school. Although the school closed eventually due to a lack of funds, teachers and students, it is still viewed as a beneficial experiment in efforts to revive traditional Confucian education in the modern age. A memorial hall erected in his honor is located near the West Lake.

Date: From July 10, 9am-5pm (closed on Mondays)
Address: No. 138, Nanshan Road
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