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A World of Ice and Snow in Hangzhou 2018-11-16
Now dubbed one of the ‘Four Hottest Cities’ in China, Hangzhou is akin to a free, outdoor sauna once the scorching summer arrives. To beat the heat, the City of Hangzhou has arranged a series of cool activities, including the July 3 premiere of the 1500 cubic meters Ice and Snow World in Hai Huang Xing Eco-park (海皇星生态乐园) in Shuangpu Town (双浦镇).

The Ice and Snow World in Hai Huang Xing Eco-park calls itself ‘the coolest place in Hangzhou’. The moment visitors step into this wonderland, it’s clear that the title is well-deserved. The sheer contrast of the Ice and Snow World’s subzero temperature and Hangzhou’s 35 degree heat will indeed transport visitors into another world. Inside, visitors will experience elaborately-designed 3-dimensional ice sculptures inspired by European cartoons and animations amid ranges of snow-capped mountains and enjoy crystal-clear icicles and igloos. In addition, there are over a dozen entertainment facilities that make the best of this ice and snow world, including the exhilarating snow ‘roller roster’.

Hai Huang Xing Eco-Park also offers arguably the best companion for hot summer days: water. This summer, Hai Huang Xing Eco-Park will introduce its new 500 meter giant rain-curtain waterfall. The rain-curtain waterfall can enable one thousand people at a time to splash around in it, and the waterfall area is also equipped with professional DJs. On the other side of the giant waterfall is a zip-line spanning the park’s Jade Dragon River. This zip-line is the highest and longest in Hangzhou, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for those willing to try. Before flying, participants have to climb up to a 30 meter platform and then travel to the riverbank 200 meters away. Riders can reach up to 100 km per hour and will be rewarded with a panoramic view of both the Qiantang and Fuchun River -- that is, if they are brave enough to open their eyes.

One of many options to escape one of the four hottest cities in China, the Ice and Snow World may be one of the most unique. To find out more for yourself, step out of the sauna and into the snow.
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