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Xianghu Lake Aglow with Wonder… 2018-10-23
Located in Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan District resides the peaceful Xianghu Lake also known as the sister lake to the West Lake. Shining like two pearls in Hangzhou’s heavenly earth both lakes overlook each other while the Qiantang River gazes in between. Shaped like a gourd Xianghu Lake is set in a serene environment which, overflowing with picturesque scenery, age-long history and profound culture, never gets flooded by crowds.

As the cradle of Zhejiang civilisation and the battle field of Wu and Yue - two ancient states during the Spring and Autumn Period (771 BC - 476 BC), Xianghu Lake has unearthed a wealth of history and today immerses you into a world of modern day discoveries. Apart from its eye-catching and note-worthy scenic areas, spotted during the day, Xianghu Lake at night soaks up a more ambient setting. Throughout the night the lake’s calm waters can be seen to quietly reflect the moon’s soft beams and to witness Xianghu Lake aglow with wonder, then a tour either by boat or tourist car, is enlightening for all to see.

Electric Boats for Night Trip:

When night falls, Xianghu Lake lights up the sky and enlightens all who pass it by.
Time: June 1 - Oct. 7
Hours: 18:00 - 21:00
Route and Price:
① Chengshan Mountain (城山) ←→ Yaoliwu (窑里坞); 10RMB per person for a single trip
② Yaoliwu (窑里坞), sChengshan Mountain (城山) ←→ Hushan (湖山); 20RMB per person for a single trip
③ Hushan Wharf (湖山码头) → Music Fountain → Hushan Wharf; 40RMB per person for a single trip

Tourist Car for Night Trip:

Xianghu Lake’s tourist car is elegantly designed in a classical style with wood carvings and at night resembles a moving ancient pavilion. The tourist car is equipped with an e-guide which highlights the area’s most note-worthy attractions.
Time: June 1 - Oct. 7
Hours: 18:00 - 21:00
Route and Price:
① Xianglifang Tourist Center (湘里坊游客中心) ←→ Hushan Square (湖山广场); 20RMB per person for a single trip and 20RMB per person for a round trip
② Hushan Square (湖山广场) → Tiger Cave (老虎洞) → Hushan Square (湖山广场); 20RMB per person

Highlights of the Night Trip:

Xianghu Musical Waterscape Performance is the largest of its kind in eastern China and surrounded by luscious green mountains and verdant waters heightens the experience even more. The performance is available every night except on rainy days.
Time: June 1 - Oct. 7
Hours: 19:45 - 20:25
Ticket: 20RMB per person for ordinary seats and 40RMB per person for VIP seats

Jinsha Beach Area
Jinsha Beach Area, a new promising scenic spot, will open to the public on July 1 and when the time comes visitors will be able to walk barefoot on more than 34000 sq. m. of soft sand. With Jinsha Hotel also on the doorstep you can choose to indulge your senses with a night rich in food and entertainment. So there really is no need to board a plane when you have a Hangzhou beach right at your feet!
Time: July 1 – Sept. 15
Hours: 18:00- 21:00
Ticket: 20 RMB per person
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Scenes depicted in the famous Chinese painting “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains” are currently undergoing restoration and construction.
Hangzhou’s Barrier-free Tourism2018-10-26
This year, Hangzhou has initiated around 30 dedicated travel routes and products for those who are physically challenged, the first of which is targeted at one-day tours around Hangzhou city.
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