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College Students Chase the Hangzhou Dream… 2018-11-16
From June 3 until December 2015 the China (Hangzhou) College Students Tourism Festival will be in full flow throughout the Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art. As with the last six years this year’s theme of 'Creative Hangzhou - Chasing the Dream' will also attract millions and millions of college students from both home and abroad to participate in the festival and illustrate the beauty of Hangzhou in their own unique way.

Besides traditional contests like T-shirt design, postcard design and a photography contest, internet elements have also been incorporated into this year’s event. An internet platform has been set up for college students from all corners of the world to create their own Hangzhou itineraries and social networking services like Wechat and Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) have also been used to promote Hangzhou as a travel destination to the world.

Traditional Activities

With Hangzhou Tourism as this year’s theme the entries for T-shirt design need to be aimed at 'clothes for couples' and 'clothes for best friends'. The postcard design contest is available to college students worldwide which accepts postcards, stamps and postmarks themed on Hangzhou, while the theme of this year's photography contest focuses on 'Luscious Mountains and Green Waters' and will accept original photos, cover photos taken by phones, aerial photos and time-lapse photography.

College students can submit their designs on the official website http://hz2015.hangzhou.com.cn/ and the closing date for entries is October 31.

Internet +

During the festival, a crowd-funding internet platform has been set up for college students to publish their self-designed tours of Hangzhou and raise money to accomplish their dreams of travelling in and around Hangzhou. The platform is available both on computers and phones and anyone who has access to the internet can enter. The crowd-funding activity will be available from June and will last until the end of August.

Tourism Products Promotion Conference

After six years of unremitting effort, Hangzhou College Students Tourism Festival has accumulated a substantial amount of high-quality, creative products. To promote these products, an open-to-the-world 'Hangzhou Tourism Products Promotion Conference' will be held during the festival. Besides college students, various tourism-related enterprises such as tour operators, design companies, China Post, and representatives of scenic spots will also be on show and together they will compose the future of a booming Hangzhou Tourism industry.
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Chrysanthemum Vie with Each Other for Glamour2018-11-16
To celebrate the season of chrysanthemum, the flower that dominates autumn, the China’s 8th Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be in full bloom from November 3 to December 10 at King Qian’s Temple in the scenic area “Orioles singing in the willows”.
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As winter draws near, we begin to look for ways to combat the cold. The following food streets with their number of delicious snacks and dishes are bound to warm your mind body and soul.
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