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Hydrangea Exhibition – A Cut Above All Others 2018-11-16
A flower exhibition showcasing various types of hydrangea is on view through June 30 in Chenghuang (Town God) Tower Scenic Area on Wushan Hill.

Hydrangeas are popular ornamental flowers in China and are grown for their large colourful flower heads. China has a long cultivation history of these flowering plants which can be seen in the early Jiangnan style gardens dating back to the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing Dynasties (1644-1911).

In China hydrangeas are associated with love and weddings and have two names; one is called Baxian (八仙, Eight Immortals), the other Xiuqiu (绣球, Embroidery Ball). The word ‘Baxian’ refers to the eight legendary immortals in Chinese mythology and each, like the flower itself, has its very own magic and charm. The name of Xiuqiu, on the other hand, stems from the flower’s resemblance to an embroidery ball made of strips of silk and symbolising the heart of a girl. It has also been said whoever gets this embroidery ball gets to marry the girl.
During this year’s event 45 rare species are on display some of which have never been seen before. Visitors will find a spectrum of colour glowing from the hydrangeas that scatter along the tourist path and in addition to the Chinese species there are a number of foreign varieties lining the grounds too.

This exhibition, romantic on every level, towers high above others and showcases one of China’s much-loved flowers. Aside from the hydrangeas there are a number of other flowering masterpieces and a visit to Chenghuang Tower is most certainly a cut above all others.

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